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  • Lewis Naisbett-Jones featured on UNC’s Endeavors!

    Lewis Naisbett-Jones, a Ph.D. student in the Department of Biology, has been featured in an article for UNC’s Endeavors for his research on satellite telemetry to track the migrations of sheepshead fish near the North Carolina coast. Congratulations, Lewis! From … Continued

  • Esteban Agudo and Savannah Ryburn featured on the Center for Galapagos Studies’ website!

    UNC Biology Ph.D. students, Esteban Agudo and Savannah Ryburn have been featured on the website for the Center for Galapagos Studies. Congratulations, Esteban and Savannah! The website post, called “UNC PhD students turn challenges of pandemic into opportunities in Galapagos,” … Continued

  • Daniel Matute awarded 2021 Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prize!

    Congratulations to Dr. Daniel Matute, one of the winners of the 2021 Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prizes for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement. According to the announcement, “The annual Phillip and Ruth Hettleman Prizes for Artistic and Scholarly Achievement have been … Continued

  • Biology Students Support Carolina Cancer Association!

    A group of UNC Biology students have been featured on UNC’s website for their work in founding and supporting the Carolina Cancer Association. According to the article, “Student group focuses on supporting cancer research, enhancing scientific careers,” “In 2019, biology … Continued

  • Isabel Silve Romero and Diego Urquia

    Biology Graduate Students featured in Grad School Magazine!

    UNC Biology graduate students Isabel Silva Romero and Diego Urquía have been featured in the UNC Grad School Magazine. The article, “Passion for the Galapagos Brings Universidad San Francisco de Quito Alumni to Chapel Hill as Graduate Students,” describes the … Continued

  • Dr. Kelly Hogan: ASCB Feature

    Dr. Kelly Hogan authored the feature, “What students want in remote learning,” in the August issue of ASCB Newsletter.

  • Dr. Patricia Gensel: Science Magazine Perspectives

    Dr. Patricia Gensel’s Perspectives piece, “When did terrestrial plants arise,” is in the most recent issue of Science.

  • Ahmed Belghith selected as NIH UGSP Scholar!

    Congratulations to UNC Biology’s own undergraduate student, Ahmed Belghith, who has been selected as one of 15 students in the nation to be a UGSP Scholar with NIH! According to Teaching Assistant Professor Eric Hastie, this is extremely prestigious and … Continued

  • Delaney O’Connell’s first publication as a graduate student!

    Delaney O’Connell, a Ph.D. student in Brian Taylor’s lab, has been featured in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. “A computational framework for studying energetics and resource management in sea turtle migration and autonomous systems” is O’Connell’s first publication as a … Continued

  • Emily Harmon awarded the 2021 Howard McCarley Research Award!

    UNC Biology graduate student Emily Harmon has been awarded the 2021 Howard McCarley Research Award from the Southwestern Association of Naturalists (SWAN). Congratulations, Emily! From the press release: “The Southwestern Association of Naturalists is pleased to announce that graduate student … Continued

  • Kingsolver Lab featured in UNC Endeavors!

    Congratulations to Professor Joel Kingsolver‘s lab for their feature in UNC Endeavors. From the “Caterpillars in the Coal Mine” article: “Butterflies and moths are indicators of the overall health of an ecosystem. Through fieldwork, lab experiments, and computer modeling, researchers … Continued

  • Dan Ruiz featured in UNC Endeavors!

    Congratulations to Dan Ruiz on this UNC Endeavors article! Check out this amazing Chancellor Science Scholar and one of UNC Biology’s amazing undergraduates at this link:

  • A big (belated!) congratulations to all our May 2021 Biology PhD graduates!

    A big (belated!) congratulations to all our May 2021 Biology Ph.D. graduates! This is a huge accomplishment and the department would like to extend our appreciation for all your hard work over the years. We wish you the best of … Continued

  • Andrew Willoughby featured in Plant Biology!

    Andrew Willoughby, a Ph.D. student in Zachary Nimchuk’s lab, has had their first review paper published in Current Opinion in Plant Biology. Congratulations, Andrew! From Andrew’s Twitter: “My first review paper just published about CLE signaling in plant development! This … Continued

  • Ann Matthysse: What is Bacterium

    Ann G. Matthysse, from the University of North Carolina’s Department of Biology, delves into an exploration of harmful and useful bacteria for elementary school students. Most people have heard of bacteria but know very little about them. In general, bacteria … Continued

  • Mark Peifer featured in MBoC Voices!

    UNC Department of Biology’s own Professor Mark Peifer has been featured in Molecular Biology of the Cell’s Voices section. The article, titled “Looking back on a life of unacknowledged privilege and a call to action,” discusses Peifer’s reflections on systemic … Continued

  • Lillie Searles featured by the College of Arts and Sciences!

    The UNC College of Arts and Sciences featured Biology’s own Lillie Searles in an article called “A 30-year odyssey from fruit fly eye color to new insights into gene expression.” Congratulations, Professor Emeritus Searles! Read the article here!

  • Maddox Lab featured in Molecular Biology of the Cell!

    Dr. Amy Maddox‘s lab’s publication has been accepted to Molecular Biology of the cell, a peer-reviewed journal owned by the American Society for Cell Biology. The publication is from a former undergraduate student and current postdoc. Dr. Maddox tweeted, “Septins … Continued

  • Dr. Bradley Dickerson Named 2021 Searle Scholar!

    Congratulations to Dr. Bradley Dickerson, named 2021 Searle Scholar for his research topic, Mapping the neural circuits that control precision timing in behavior. The Searle Scholars Program makes grants to selected universities and research centers to support the independent research … Continued

  • Congratulations Dr. Moore!

    Congratulations to (newly Dr.) Elizabeth Moore, who just received an NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Biology! She will be moving down the road to NC State, where she will be working on her postdoc project with Becky Irwin, Rob Dunn, … Continued

  • Sam White Awarded Tri-Beta Peer Mentor Award

    Congratulations to Sam White, who was awarded the 2020-2021 Tri-Beta Peer Mentor Award!

  • Tanner Fadero Awarded Biology Teaching Assistant Award!

    Congratulations to Tanner Fadero, who was awarded the 2020-2021 Biology Teaching Assistant Award! This award is presented by Tri-Beta. Tanner is a graduate student in Paul Maddox’s Lab.

  • Laura Ott Awarded 2020-2021 Tri-Beta Teaching Award!

    Congratulations to Dr. Laura Ott, who was awarded the 2020-2021 Biology Faculty Teaching Award for excellence in the teaching of Biology! This award is presented by Tri-Beta. Dr. Ott is a Biology Teaching Professor.

  • Three Faculty Elected to the National Academy of Sciences!

    Drs. Kerry S. Bloom, Joe Kieber, and Ted Salmon have been elected to the National Academy of Sciences. Congratulations, all! From the website: “The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) is a private, non-profit society of distinguished scholars. Established by an … Continued

  • Congrats to our Biology Undergraduate Research Award Winners

    The Biology Undergraduate Awards Committee met last week to select this year’s Awardees. It was a tough task and required much deliberation, as all of the students did an outstanding job. Here are the awards recipients: Kylie VanDerMolen has been … Continued

  • Gladfelter Lab featured in Nature Methods Technology Feature!

    Congratulations, Gladfelter Lab! The Feature, titled “Filamentous fungus Ashbya gossypii” describes one of the Gladfelter Lab’s videos that shows a “busy structure with wavy, thin branches dotted with sparkling pearls” (pictured right). Ashbya gossypii is among the fungi that the … Continued

  • Eric Hastie & Laura Ott funded by UNC IAH for their TikTok project!

    Eric Hastie and Laura Ott awarded funding by UNC IAH for their TikTok Biology @ UNC project! For this project, they will examine the implementation of the new #Learnon TikTok approach to teaching 2 courses – BIOL 101H and BIOL … Continued

  • Professor Goldstein’s Science-Art Rocks!

    Professor Bob Goldstein’s screen-printing has been featured on the UNC College of Arts & Science’s website! From the article: “Professor Bob Goldstein began making gig posters to advertise biologists giving on-campus talks about their research in 2004. Since then, he’s … Continued

  • Professor Dangl Awarded Martin Gibbs Medal

    Professor Jeff Dangl has been awarded the 2021 Martin Gibbs Medal of the American Society of Plant Biologists! The Martin Gibbs Medal was instituted by the Society’s executive committee in 1993 to honor Martin Gibbs, editor of Plant Physiology from … Continued

  • Dangl Lab featured in Cell Host & Microbe!

    Nicholas Colaianni, Ph.D. student in the Dangl lab, collaborates with researchers at the Gregor Mendel Institute (GMI) of Molecular Plant Biology and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) for back-to-back papers in Cell Host & Microbe. From the article, the … Continued

  • ANNOUNCING: Greg Copenhaver, Sr. Associate Dean for Research & Innovations

    Greg Copenhaver has been appointed as the new Senior Associate Dean for Research & Innovations for the UNC College of Arts & Sciences, effective July 1st. Congratulations to Greg! From Dean Terry Rhodes: “Greg will bring a wealth of experience … Continued

  • Dr. Maria Servedio, 2023 President American Society of Naturalists!

    Congratulations to Dr. Maria Servedio, elected as the 2023 President of American Society of Naturalists! ASN is a membership society whose goal is to advance and to diffuse knowledge of organic evolution and other broad biological principles so as to … Continued

  • Publications from Bloom Lab!

    Below are recent publications by members of the Bloom Lab. Undergraduate researchers/authors are in bold. He, Y.; Lawrimore, J.; Cook, D.; Van Gorder, E.E.; De Larminat, S.C.; Adalsteinsson, D.; Forest, MG; Bloom, K. (2020) Statistical mechanics of chromosomes: In vivo … Continued

  • Jiyue (Jeff) Huang featured in BMC Genomics!

    Dr. Jiyue (Jeff) Huang a postdoctoral associate in the Copenhaver lab has published a paper in BMC Genomics entitled “Comparative transcriptomic analysis of thermally stressed Arabidopsis thaliana meiotic recombination mutants” together with our colleagues from Fudan University in Shanghai. Congratulations, … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver featured in Frontiers in Plant Science!

    Professor Gregory Copenhaver has published a collaborative paper in Frontiers in Plant Science entitled “The Role of Chromatid Interference in Determining Meiotic Crossover Patterns” together with his colleagues from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium. The paper provides a new way … Continued

  • Congratulations to the Phi Beta Kappa Initiates!

    Congratulations to the following spring 2021 Phi Beta Kappa inductees: Allen, Zachary Paul (“Zach”) Boone, James Dylan (“Dylan”) Chan, Priscilla Cicalo, Alyssa Nina Crater, Caroline Victoria Dave, Mili Furlong, Anna Grace Greaves, Emily Piper Gupta, Anahita Hercules Alfaro, Daniela Del … Continued

  • Hagadorn Award Winner and Runner-Up 2021

    Congratulations to the 2021 Hagadorn Award Winner and Runner-Up!

    Congratulations to 2021 Hagadorn Award recipient Ralph Alberto and runner-up Lauren McCormick! In the words of Professor Mark Peifer, “The Biology Department at UNC-Chapel Hill is fortunate to have many remarkable students. In addition to Awards given to seniors on … Continued

  • Brian Taylor’s magnetoreception research featured in Endeavors!

    UNC Biology’s Brian Taylor‘s research has been featured in “Nature’s Compass,” an article in the most recent issue of Endeavors. Congratulations, Brian! From the article: “How can animals travel thousands of miles on a migratory path yet most people need … Continued

  • Eric Hastie featured in The Well!

    Eric Hastie, a Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology, has been featured in UNC’s The Well for his taking up gardening during the pandemic. In the article, Eric describes his goals to “have something flowering every month of … Continued

  • UNC alum Chrystal Starbird awarded the Rising Black Scientist Award!

    Chrystal Starbird, an undergraduate alum from the UNC Department of Biology, has been awarded the first Rising Black Scientist Award for a post-graduate scholar, warranting a feature in Cell magazine. Congratulations, Chrystal! From the Yale School of Medicine profile: “Chrystal … Continued

  • Alan Weakley featured in UNC’s Endeavors!

    UNC Biology’s own Professor Alan Weakley’s work in plant diversity and conservation is featured in the most recent issue of UNC’s Endeavors. Congratulations, Alan! Professor Weakley is an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Department of Biology and is the Director … Continued

  • Corbin Jones featured in Nature!

    UNC Biology’s own Corbin Jones co-authored “SARS-CoV-2 infection is effectively treated and prevented by EIDD-2801,” an article featured in Nature (2021). Congratulations, Corbin! Corbin Jones is a Professor in the UNC Department of Biology. Corbin’s research focuses on genetic analyses … Continued

  • Nicholas Levis Awarded the 2021 Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award!

    Congratulations to Nicholas Levis for the 2021 Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award in Biological and Life Sciences! Nicholas’ dissertation focuses on plasticity-led evolution in nature and his advisor was Professor David Pfennig. From the website: “Where do new traits come from? … Continued

  • Dangl lab work featured by NIH/NIGMS!

    Congratulations to the Dangl Lab for their photo of an Arabidopsis leaf injected with a pathogen featured by NIGMS! According to the photo entry on the NIGMS website, “This is a magnified view of an Arabidopsis thaliana leaf eight days … Continued

  • Congrats to Brian Taylor on the Tanner Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching!

    Department of Biology’s Brian Taylor has been named the Tanner Award recipient for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Congratulations, Brian! According to The Well, “Carolina honored 25 faculty members and teaching assistants for their accomplishments with 2021 University Teaching Awards. Given … Continued

  • Brian Taylor Published in The Journal of the Royal Society: Interface!

    Congratulations to Dr. Brian Taylor for his publication in The Journal of the Royal Society: Interface. The paper is titled “Long-distance transequatorial navigation using sequential measurements of magnetic inclination angle”. The authors are as follows: Brian Taylor: Lead and Corresponding … Continued

  • Congratulations to Isai Salas-Gonzalez on SCIENCE Paper!

    Congratulations to doctoral student Isai Salas-Gonzalez who is the co-first author of a SCIENCE paper published together with former Dangl lab post-doc Gabriel Castrillo and members of the Castrillo and Salt labs at the University of Nottingham in the UK. … Continued

  • State Record Fungus Found by UNC Biology Student!

    Just last month, UNC Biology undergraduate student “Corbin Bryan was coming to campus to drop off some fungi he had collected over the autumn and noted scores of red-capped fungi fruiting abundantly in the mulched beds adjacent to Coker Hall.” … Continued

  • Dr. Copenhaver named AAAS fellow!

    Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Copenhaver for being named an AAAS fellow! Three faculty members of the College of Arts & Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill have been named fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Fellows are … Continued

  • Congratulations to Lillian Zwemer for DTH feature!

    The Daily Tar Heel published an article about students’ favorite classes from the fall 2020 semester as the last day of classes is Tuesday, November 16. UNC Biology’s own Professor Lillian Zwemer was featured as one of the favorite professors … Continued

  • continuous flower production

    Nimchuk Lab has Two Publications in Current Biology!

    UNC Biology’s Zachary Nimchuk lab has two new publications in Current Biology both looking at how peptide signaling in plants controls auxin-mediated development. One of the studies was led by Nimchuk lab postdoc Daniel Jones and graduate student Amala John. … Continued

  • Alan Weakley featured in the NYTimes!

    UNC Biology’s Alan Weakley has been featured in an NYTimes story called, “How Many Plants Have We Wiped Out? Here Are 5 Extinction Stories.” Weakley’s extinction story focuses on large-flowered Barbara’s-buttons, a plant native to two western counties in North … Continued

  • Congratulations to Gidi Shemer and the new inductees of Phi Beta Kappa!

    From the website: “Phi Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most honored college honorary society, has inducted 194 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill students as new members. Friday’s induction ceremony featured remarks by Chancellor Kevin M. Guskiewicz … Continued

  • Daniel Matute featured in Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine!

    Congratulations to Daniel Matute and the Matute Lab for their feature in the Carolina Arts & Sciences Magazine! The article focuses on “Resilient Mindsets,” in organisms and in humans. From the article: “Finding answers to big questions about evolution requires … Continued

  • Carl Zimmer featured in the NYTimes!

    The NYTimes has a really beautiful article by Carl Zimmer about SARS-CoV-2 viral structure, and it includes some of the recent phase separation work from Amy Gladfelter’s lab, plus a video by Dr. Gladfelter’s postdoctoral student Christine Roden, and some … Continued

  • Dangl-Grant Lab featured in Nature!

    Congratulations to the Microbiome Team in the Dangl-Grant lab led by Omri Finkel, Isai Salas Gonzalez, Gabriel Castrillo and Jonathan Conway on the publication of a paper in Nature titled ‘A single bacterial genus maintains root growth in a complex … Continued

  • Kelly Hogan awarded the NABT Teaching Award

    Dr. Kelly Hogan, Teaching Professor in the Department of Biology is the recipient of this year’s National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) Teaching Award! NABT awards recognize teachers for their expertise in specific subject areas, for contributions to the profession … Continued

  • Esteban Agudo featured in Endeavors!

    Esteban Agudo, a Biology graduate student in John Bruno’s lab, has been featured in Endeavors! From his website, Agudo is “a marine ecologist interested in exploring how environmental characteristics (i.e. temperature, structural complexity) affect reef communities. [He] believe[s] cultivating our … Continued

  • OSTEM Promotional Graphic

    From Academia to Industry: Q&A with Cellular Analysis Specialist Dr. Rob Peterson

    From Academia to Industry: Q&A with Cellular Analysis Specialist Dr. Rob Peterson – Sponsored by UNC oSTEM Do you want an insider view of life after undergrad? What about graduate school? Are you curious about biology jobs outside of medicine … Continued

  • Zhenyu Hao in Blood

    Zhenyu Hao’s Paper Appears in “Blood”

    Congratulations to Dr. Zhenyu Hao (a postdoc in Dr. Darrel Stafford’s Lab), whose paper titled, “Gamma-glutamyl carboxylase mutations differentially affect the biological function of vitamin K-dependent proteins”, was recently published in the journal, Blood. In this paper, Dr. Hao evaluated … Continued

  • Celia Shiau’s lab published new study bridging brain to liver in eLife

    Congratulations to Celia Shiau and her lab researchers Alison Earley and Victoria Kwon and former lab members on their paper published in eLife. The article is titled “Drainage of inflammatory macromoleules from the brain to periphery targets the liver for … Continued

  • Kacy Gordon's data

    Kacy Gordon featured in eLife Sciences!

    Kacy Gordon’s article, “Stem cell niche exit in C. elegans via orientation and segregation of daughter cells by a cryptic cell outside the niche,” has been featured in eLife Sciences. Congratulations, Kacy! From the abstract, “Stem cells reside in and … Continued

  • All six 2020 cohorts for CPPFD

    Senay Yitbarek is a 2020 Cohort for CPPFD!

    Congratulations to Senay Yitbarek for being chosen as one of the 2020 cohorts for the Carolina Postdoctoral Program for Faculty Diversity (CPPFD)! According to their website, “CPPFD is one of the oldest diversity fellowship programs for postdoctoral scholars in the … Continued

  • KEEN Engineering Unleashed Logo

    Brian Taylor joins KEEN Faculty Learning Community Program!

    Congratulations to Dr. Brian Taylor for his acceptance into the 2020-2021 KEEN Faculty Learning Community Program. According to their website, the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) “focuses on one mission: To graduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset (EM) so they … Continued

  • oSTEM logo

    Meet oSTEM UNC at Queer Fall Fest!

    LGBTQ+ in STEM? Join oSTEM UNC! We hold social and professional events, and we partner with queer graduate students to provide one-on-one mentorship opportunities. Come meet us virtually at Queer Fall Fest on Wednesday, August 12th from 7-8:30pm. Access the … Continued

  • Kacy Gordon featured in the Journal of Developmental Biology!

    Kacy Gordon was recently featured in the Journal of Developmental Biology for the article Recent Advances in the Genetic, Anatomical, and Environmental Regulation of the C. elegans Germ Line Progenitor Zone. According to the abstract, “This review describes the recent … Continued

  • Living Machines website

    The Taylor Lab is Presenting at Living Machines 2020!

    A peer-reviewed paper that the Taylor lab submitted titled “Bioinspired Navigation Based on Distributed Sensing in the Leech” was accepted to be presented at the Living Machines 2020 conference (which is being held remotely). The paper is a culmination of … Continued

  • Morning Show's Logo

    Caterpillars Count featured on KAXE Morning Show!

    Dr. Allen Hurlbert was recently a guest on KAXE’s Morning Show. Hosted by Heidi Holtan, Maggie Montgomery, John Bauer, and Katie Carter, the Morning Show is part of 91.7 KAXE, a radio station based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. According to … Continued

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Ways You Can Foster Educational Equity

    Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy have been featured in the advice section of Their article, authored with Calvin Sims, outlines more than a dozen ways in which white and non-Black educators of color can support the Black Lives Matter … Continued

  • openASO logo

    Congrats to Lela Lackey on hackseq 2020!

    Congratulations to Lela Lackey (Alain Laederach’s Lab), the People’s Choice Winner for hackseq 2020. Hats off to team OpenASO led by Lela Lackey and her members for taking the cake and being crowned the bio-hackers supreme. The OpenASO team shall … Continued

  • Screenshot of Wang article

    Congratulations Dr. Copenhaver and Wang!

    Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Copenhaver’s lab who, together with their collaborators at Fudan University in Shanghai, published a new study in PLOS Genetics. The paper reveals novel roles for SCC2 – a protein that helps hold chromosomes together during meiosis. … Continued

  • May 2020 Science magazine cover which featured backlit trees in a forest.

    Congrats to Biology’s Andrius Dagilis and Daniel Matute for their Perspective in Science!

    Congratulations to UNC Biology’s Andrius Dagilis and Daniel Matute for their Perspective featured in Science magazine! The article highlights a new paper by Dagilis and Matute which touches on important sights into the evolution of species barriers and hybrid incompatibility. … Continued

  • instagram

    Biology Department gets an Instagram!

    Follow the UNC Biology Department’s new Instagram: @uncbiology. Here, we will post all things UNC and biology, so make sure to follow to keep updated!

  • Jamie Antinori

    Congratulations to Top 10 Scholar-Athlete Jamie Antinori and her Faculty Honoree, Dr. Gidi Shemer!

    Congratulations to Jamie Antinori on being chosen as a Top 10 Scholar-Athlete for 2019-2020! These ten students, five male and five female, are the graduating student-athletes with the highest cumulative grade point averages. As noted on the Academic Support Program … Continued


    Congratuations to Xuejie Chen, a postdoc in Darrel Stafford’s Lab who recently published a paper in Blood titled “A cell-based high-throughput screen identifies drugs that cause bleeding disorders by off-targeting the vitamin K cycle.” In this study, the authors adapted … Continued

  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis Shines a Timely Spotlight on Virology

    Collin Hill, undergraduate majoring in Biology and Chemistry, presented his Honors Biology Thesis which focused on the very timely topic of virology. Collin summarizes his thesis: “In this study, we examined three potentially mutagenic nucleoside analogs, N4-beta-hydrocytidine (NHC), Favipiravir, and … Continued

  • Sebastian Nichols and Dr. Taylor

    SARIC Awarded to Dr. Taylor and Sebastian Nichols!

    Congratulations to Dr. Brain Taylor and undergraduate Sebastion Nichols (class of 2021) for winning the Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses (SARIC) for Undergraduate Research for Summer 2020! The Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses is a tuition award offered for a … Continued

  • BIOL 476

    BIOL 476/476L Featured on the Endeavors Webpage!

    Congratulations to Keith Sockman and Allen Hurlbert for the article on their Avian Biology class featured on the Endeavors webpage! The article lauds the associate professors for their emphasis on fieldwork as the class visits wildlife reserves across the state … Continued

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Double Congratulations to Elizabeth Moore

    Congratulations to Biology graduate student Elizabeth Moore, who has received both a Summer Research Fellowship AND a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate School! Elizabeth originally hails from Hillsboro, Kentucky. She graduated in the class of 2014 from Mount Holyoke … Continued

  • Dr. Goldstein

    Dr. Goldstein featured on UNC’s The Well

    Dr. Bob Goldstein is featured on UNC’s The Well for his leadership of workshops for North Carolina public school teachers. Congratulations Dr. Goldstein! Dubbed the “Johnny Appleseed of science,” Dr. Goldstein shows teachers from across the state how to turn … Continued

  • Drs. David and Karin Pfennig

    Carolina Arts & Sciences Spring 2020 Magazine

    The spring 2020 issue of Carolina Arts & Sciences, the magazine of UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, is now available online at Cover story: Every summer, biologists David and Karin Pfennig conduct fieldwork on spadefoot toads. In addition … Continued

  • Phi Beta Kappa Welcomes New Members

    Congratulations to our biology majors elected this year to Phi Beta Kappa! Ashley Nicole Arensdorf Viren Baharani Shama Birla Corbin Bryan Frankie Burgos Abigail Glaize Carey-Ewend Christina Cobos Lucas Christopher Collins Peter Jonathan Compton Sarah Marie Cook Henry Jacob Cox … Continued

  • March 2020 Current Biology Mag

    Kayla Goforth quoted in Nature World News!

    Biology Ph.D. student Kayla Goforth has been quoted in an article for Nature World News for her work on an article with Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor Kenneth Lohmann! Congratulations Kayla and Kenneth! The referenced article was originally published … Continued

  • March 2020 Science mag cover

    Catherine Chen and Karin Pfennig featured in Science Magazine!

    Biology Graduate student Catherine Chen and Biology Professor Karin Pfennig have been published in the March issue of Science Magazine! Congratulations Catherine and Karin! Science Magazine: Science Magazine is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement … Continued


    UNC School of Medicine student, Yasemin Cole, 2016 graduate in biology, is one of 28 individuals chosen nationwide for the prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarship. Yasemin will be attending the University of Cambridge pursuing a doctoral degree in genomic sciences. Read … Continued

  • Jennifer Coble Wins 2020 Chapman Teaching Award!

    Biology Teaching Associate Professor Jennifer Coble has won the 2020 Chapman Family Teaching Award! CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER!!! Chapman Family Teaching Awards: The Chapman Teaching Awards were created in 1993 with a gift during the Bicentennial Campaign from Max Carrol Chapman Jr. … Continued

  • Ken Lohmann: Paper in PNAS

    Professor Ken Lohmann, working with a team of collaborators in South Korea, has published a new study in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The paper, titled “Behavioral evidence for geomagnetic imprinting and transgenerational inheritance in fruit flies”, reports … Continued

  • Kayla Goforth “Best Talk” Award

    Kayla Goforth, a Biology graduate student (Lohmann Lab), received the Marlene Zuk Award at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in Austin, Texas. The Zuk Award is given for the best student talk in the Animal Behavior division … Continued

  • Todd Vision co-authors letter appearing in “STAT”

    Todd Vision coauthored a letter that appeared last week in the online biomedical magazine STAT, written together with a number of other leaders in open and reproducible science, in opposition to the EPA’s proposed “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” rule. … Continued

  • Teresa Bonello’s Paper is Published in “Development”

    A team led by Peifer lab postdoc Teresa Bonello has a new paper in Development entitled:  “Scribble and Discs-large direct initial assembly and positioning of adherens junctions during the establishment of apical-basal polarity”.  The team included former Peifer lab postdoc … Continued

  • “My Life as a Plant” Coloring Book Project

    The “My Life as a Plant” coloring book that teaches pre-readers complex topics in plant biology was created in 2013 by UNC Biology and Arts majors. This book has been translated into 24 languages including recently the African language Bemba … Continued

  • Karin Pfennig is selected as a 2019 AAAS Fellow

    Congratulations to Karin Pfennig, who is among the 443 scientists selected this year as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Karin was honored for her research on the role of behavior in adaptation and biodiversity, particularly … Continued

  • Pfennig’s research featured by the National Science Foundation

    David and Karin Pfennig’s research on spadefoot toads was recently featured in an excellent video made for the National Science Foundation. The Pfennigs and their research teams study spadefoot toads to better understand the role plasticity plays in adaptive evolution. … Continued

  • Jeff Wang Publishes Paper in “Plant Physiology”

    Congratulations to Jeff (Jiyue) Wang (right), a postdoctoral associate in Gregory Copenhaver’s (left) lab, for publishing a new paper in Plant Physiology that extends their earlier work on meiotic small RNAs from the model plant Arabidopsis into the crop species … Continued

  • Ann Matthysse’s lab publishes in “Applied and Environmental Microbiology”

    Congratulations to Ann G. Matthysse and her lab undergraduates Stephanie Mathews, Camille Martin, Haylea Hannah, Eleanor Rodriguez-Rassi, and Hillary Samagaio for their paper that was published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The paper is titled “Glycoside Hydrolase Genes are Required … Continued

  • Frank Conlon and Lauren Waldren-Wasson publish in “Nature Communications”

    Congratulations to Frank Conlon (left) and his former student Lauren Waldren-Wasson (right) for their publication with William Pu (Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard University) in Nature Communications: “A reference map of murine cardiac transcription factor chromatin occupancy identifies dynamic and conserved enhancers”. … Continued

  • Zhenyu Hao’s Paper Appears in “Haematologica”

    Congratulations to Zhenyu Hao (a postdoc in Darrel Stafford’s Lab), whose paper titled “Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of coagulation factors: insights from a cell-based functional study” was recently published in Haematologica. In this paper, he studied how vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

    Congratulations to Dr. Gregory P. Copenhaver, who has been elected as a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. Founded in 1788, the society is the oldest biological society in the world, and it was at a meeting of the … Continued

  • Maria Servedio and John Powers Publish in PNAS

    Maria Servedio (left) and former UNC undergraduate John Powers (right) are authors of an article in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), titled “Evolution of sexual cooperation from sexual conflict”.  Along with Russell Lande (Norwegian University of Science … Continued


    Congratulations to these UNC-CH students, enrolled as Biology majors and/or double majors, for their induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. At the induction ceremony, new members receive certificates and Phi Beta Kappa keys, the organization’s … Continued