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  • Living Machines website

    The Taylor Lab is Presenting at Living Machines 2020!

    A peer-reviewed paper that the Taylor lab submitted titled “Bioinspired Navigation Based on Distributed Sensing in the Leech” was accepted to be presented at the Living Machines 2020 conference (which is being held remotely). The paper is a culmination of … Continued

  • Morning Show's Logo

    Caterpillars Count featured on KAXE Morning Show!

    Dr. Allen Hurlbert was recently a guest on KAXE’s Morning Show. Hosted by Heidi Holtan, Maggie Montgomery, John Bauer, and Katie Carter, the Morning Show is part of 91.7 KAXE, a radio station based in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. According to … Continued

  • Inside Higher Ed

    Ways You Can Foster Educational Equity

    Kelly Hogan and Viji Sathy have been featured in the advice section of Their article, authored with Calvin Sims, outlines more than a dozen ways in which white and non-Black educators of color can support the Black Lives Matter … Continued

  • openASO logo

    Congrats to Lela Lackey on hackseq 2020!

    Congratulations to Lela Lackey (Alain Laederach’s Lab), the People’s Choice Winner for hackseq 2020. Hats off to team OpenASO led by Lela Lackey and her members for taking the cake and being crowned the bio-hackers supreme. The OpenASO team shall … Continued

  • Screenshot of Wang article

    Congratulations Dr. Copenhaver and Wang!

    Congratulations to Dr. Gregory Copenhaver’s lab who, together with their collaborators at Fudan University in Shanghai, published a new study in PLOS Genetics. The paper reveals novel roles for SCC2 – a protein that helps hold chromosomes together during meiosis. … Continued

  • May 2020 Science magazine cover which featured backlit trees in a forest.

    Congrats to Biology’s Andrius Dagilis and Daniel Matute for their Perspective in Science!

    Congratulations to UNC Biology’s Andrius Dagilis and Daniel Matute for their Perspective featured in Science magazine! The article highlights a new paper by Dagilis and Matute which touches on important sights into the evolution of species barriers and hybrid incompatibility. … Continued

  • instagram

    Biology Department gets an Instagram!

    Follow the UNC Biology Department’s new Instagram: @uncbiology. Here, we will post all things UNC and biology, so make sure to follow to keep updated!

  • Jamie Antinori

    Congratulations to Top 10 Scholar-Athlete Jamie Antinori and her Faculty Honoree, Dr. Gidi Shemer!

    Congratulations to Jamie Antinori on being chosen as a Top 10 Scholar-Athlete for 2019-2020! These ten students, five male and five female, are the graduating student-athletes with the highest cumulative grade point averages. As noted on the Academic Support Program … Continued


    Congratuations to Xuejie Chen, a postdoc in Darrel Stafford’s Lab who recently published a paper in Blood titled “A cell-based high-throughput screen identifies drugs that cause bleeding disorders by off-targeting the vitamin K cycle.” In this study, the authors adapted … Continued

  • Undergraduate Honors Thesis Shines a Timely Spotlight on Virology

    Collin Hill, undergraduate majoring in Biology and Chemistry, presented his Honors Biology Thesis which focused on the very timely topic of virology. Collin summarizes his thesis: “In this study, we examined three potentially mutagenic nucleoside analogs, N4-beta-hydrocytidine (NHC), Favipiravir, and … Continued

  • Sebastian Nichols and Dr. Taylor

    SARIC Awarded to Dr. Taylor and Sebastian Nichols!

    Congratulations to Dr. Brain Taylor and undergraduate Sebastion Nichols (class of 2021) for winning the Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses (SARIC) for Undergraduate Research for Summer 2020! The Summer Award for Research-Intensive Courses is a tuition award offered for a … Continued

  • BIOL 476

    BIOL 476/476L Featured on the Endeavors Webpage!

    Congratulations to Keith Sockman and Allen Hurlbert for the article on their Avian Biology class featured on the Endeavors webpage! The article lauds the associate professors for their emphasis on fieldwork as the class visits wildlife reserves across the state … Continued

  • Elizabeth Moore

    Double Congratulations to Elizabeth Moore

    Congratulations to Biology graduate student Elizabeth Moore, who has received both a Summer Research Fellowship AND a Dissertation Completion Fellowship from the Graduate School! Elizabeth originally hails from Hillsboro, Kentucky. She graduated in the class of 2014 from Mount Holyoke … Continued

  • Dr. Goldstein

    Dr. Goldstein featured on UNC’s The Well

    Dr. Bob Goldstein is featured on UNC’s The Well for his leadership of workshops for North Carolina public school teachers. Congratulations Dr. Goldstein! Dubbed the “Johnny Appleseed of science,” Dr. Goldstein shows teachers from across the state how to turn … Continued

  • Drs. David and Karin Pfennig

    Carolina Arts & Sciences Spring 2020 Magazine

    The spring 2020 issue of Carolina Arts & Sciences, the magazine of UNC’s College of Arts & Sciences, is now available online at Cover story: Every summer, biologists David and Karin Pfennig conduct fieldwork on spadefoot toads. In addition … Continued

  • Phi Beta Kappa Welcomes New Members

    Congratulations to our biology majors elected this year to Phi Beta Kappa! Ashley Nicole Arensdorf Viren Baharani Shama Birla Corbin Bryan Frankie Burgos Abigail Glaize Carey-Ewend Christina Cobos Lucas Christopher Collins Peter Jonathan Compton Sarah Marie Cook Henry Jacob Cox … Continued

  • March 2020 Current Biology Mag

    Kayla Goforth quoted in Nature World News!

    Biology Ph.D. student Kayla Goforth has been quoted in an article for Nature World News for her work on an article with Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor Kenneth Lohmann! Congratulations Kayla and Kenneth! The referenced article was originally published … Continued

  • March 2020 Science mag cover

    Catherine Chen and Karin Pfennig featured in Science Magazine!

    Biology Graduate student Catherine Chen and Biology Professor Karin Pfennig have been published in the March issue of Science Magazine! Congratulations Catherine and Karin! Science Magazine: Science Magazine is the peer-reviewed academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement … Continued


    UNC School of Medicine student, Yasemin Cole, 2016 graduate in biology, is one of 28 individuals chosen nationwide for the prestigious Gates Cambridge scholarship. Yasemin will be attending the University of Cambridge pursuing a doctoral degree in genomic sciences. Read … Continued

  • Jennifer Coble Wins 2020 Chapman Teaching Award!

    Biology Teaching Associate Professor Jennifer Coble has won the 2020 Chapman Family Teaching Award! CONGRATULATIONS JENNIFER!!! Chapman Family Teaching Awards: The Chapman Teaching Awards were created in 1993 with a gift during the Bicentennial Campaign from Max Carrol Chapman Jr. … Continued

  • Ken Lohmann: Paper in PNAS

    Professor Ken Lohmann, working with a team of collaborators in South Korea, has published a new study in Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The paper, titled “Behavioral evidence for geomagnetic imprinting and transgenerational inheritance in fruit flies”, reports … Continued

  • Kayla Goforth “Best Talk” Award

    Kayla Goforth, a Biology graduate student (Lohmann Lab), received the Marlene Zuk Award at the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) in Austin, Texas. The Zuk Award is given for the best student talk in the Animal Behavior division … Continued

  • Todd Vision co-authors letter appearing in “STAT”

    Todd Vision coauthored a letter that appeared last week in the online biomedical magazine STAT, written together with a number of other leaders in open and reproducible science, in opposition to the EPA’s proposed “Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science” rule. … Continued

  • Teresa Bonello’s Paper is Published in “Development”

    A team led by Peifer lab postdoc Teresa Bonello has a new paper in Development entitled:  “Scribble and Discs-large direct initial assembly and positioning of adherens junctions during the establishment of apical-basal polarity”.  The team included former Peifer lab postdoc … Continued

  • “My Life as a Plant” Coloring Book Project

    The “My Life as a Plant” coloring book that teaches pre-readers complex topics in plant biology was created in 2013 by UNC Biology and Arts majors. This book has been translated into 24 languages including recently the African language Bemba … Continued

  • Karin Pfennig is selected as a 2019 AAAS Fellow

    Congratulations to Karin Pfennig, who is among the 443 scientists selected this year as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Karin was honored for her research on the role of behavior in adaptation and biodiversity, particularly … Continued

  • Pfennig’s research featured by the National Science Foundation

    David and Karin Pfennig’s research on spadefoot toads was recently featured in an excellent video made for the National Science Foundation. The Pfennigs and their research teams study spadefoot toads to better understand the role plasticity plays in adaptive evolution. … Continued

  • Jeff Wang Publishes Paper in “Plant Physiology”

    Congratulations to Jeff (Jiyue) Wang (right), a postdoctoral associate in Gregory Copenhaver’s (left) lab, for publishing a new paper in Plant Physiology that extends their earlier work on meiotic small RNAs from the model plant Arabidopsis into the crop species … Continued

  • Ann Matthysse’s lab publishes in “Applied and Environmental Microbiology”

    Congratulations to Ann G. Matthysse and her lab undergraduates Stephanie Mathews, Camille Martin, Haylea Hannah, Eleanor Rodriguez-Rassi, and Hillary Samagaio for their paper that was published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology. The paper is titled “Glycoside Hydrolase Genes are Required … Continued

  • Frank Conlon and Lauren Waldren-Wasson publish in “Nature Communications”

    Congratulations to Frank Conlon (left) and his former student Lauren Waldren-Wasson (right) for their publication with William Pu (Boston Children’s Hospital/Harvard University) in Nature Communications: “A reference map of murine cardiac transcription factor chromatin occupancy identifies dynamic and conserved enhancers”. … Continued

  • Zhenyu Hao’s Paper Appears in “Haematologica”

    Congratulations to Zhenyu Hao (a postdoc in Darrel Stafford’s Lab), whose paper titled “Vitamin K-dependent carboxylation of coagulation factors: insights from a cell-based functional study” was recently published in Haematologica. In this paper, he studied how vitamin K-dependent coagulation factors … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver is a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

    Congratulations to Dr. Gregory P. Copenhaver, who has been elected as a Fellow of the Linnean Society of London. Founded in 1788, the society is the oldest biological society in the world, and it was at a meeting of the … Continued

  • Maria Servedio and John Powers Publish in PNAS

    Maria Servedio (left) and former UNC undergraduate John Powers (right) are authors of an article in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences), titled “Evolution of sexual cooperation from sexual conflict”.  Along with Russell Lande (Norwegian University of Science … Continued


    Congratulations to these UNC-CH students, enrolled as Biology majors and/or double majors, for their induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. At the induction ceremony, new members receive certificates and Phi Beta Kappa keys, the organization’s … Continued

  • Kerry Bloom is named an “ASCB Fellow”

    Congratulations to Department Chair Kerry Bloom for being named a ‘Fellow of the American Society for Cell Biology’. “The ASCB Fellows award recognizes ASCB members who have made outstanding contributions to the field of cell biology and to the community … Continued

  • Maria Servedio’s Paper is Published in “Nature”

    Maria Servedio is a co-author, with former visiting student Yusan Yang and Dr. Cori Richards Zawacki from the University of Pittsburgh, of a paper in NATURE titled “Imprinting sets the stage for speciation”.  In this mix of models and experiments, … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver co-authors a paper in “The Plant Journal”

    Dr. Gregory P. Copenhaver co-authored a paper in The Plant Journal with his collaborators at Pohang University and Cambridge University that is titled “DeepTetrad: high‐throughput image analysis of meiotic tetrads by deep learning in Arabidopsis thaliana”. The paper introduces a … Continued

  • Catherine Chen’s paper featured in “The New York Times”

    Congratulations to Catherine Chen (Karin Pfennig’s grad student) who just had one of her papers from her undergraduate research featured prominently in the NY Times titled “It’s a Dirty Job, but Someone Has to Do It and Not Get Eaten”. … Continued

  • Ariel Pani is Assistant Biology Professor at UVA

    Congratulations to Ariel Pani (former Bob Goldstein lab postdoc) who started his own lab this fall as an Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at the University of Virginia. His current research explores the cellular and molecular underpinnings of long-range … Continued

  • Kale Hartman publishes a paper in GENETICS

    Kale Hartmann (left) published an article in the September issue of GENETICS titled “Centromere-proximal meiotic crossovers in Drosophila melanogaster are suppressed by both highly repetitive heterochromatin and proximity to the centromere.” The article, which explores a phenomenon first described by … Continued

  • Conlon lab publication appears in PLOS Biology

    Congratulations to the Frank Conlon Lab, in collaboration with Ileana Cristea’s lab (Princeton University), for their recent publication in PLOS Biology titled “Conservation and divergence of protein pathways in the vertebrate heart”. This paper defines the protein composition, protein complexes … Continued

  • Brian Taylor’s paper appears in “Bioinspiration and Biomimetics”

    Congratulations to Brian Taylor, whose paper titled “Bioinspired magnetoreception and navigation in nonorthogonal environments using magnetic signatures” has been accepted by the journal Bioinspiration and Biomimetics. READ MORE >>

  • Catherine Kehl has publications in “JoVE” and “JEB”

    Catherine Kehl (postdoc in the QBES lab) recently had publications in JoVE: “A Minimally Invasive Lesion Technique for Muscles Intrinsic to the Odontophore of Aplysia californica” (link to watch video) and in the Journal of Experimental Biology: “Soft-surface grasping: radular … Continued

  • Andrew Spracklen is a Lecturer at UMass-Amherst

    Congratulations to former Peifer lab postdoc Andrew Spracklen who began a position this month as a Lecturer In the Department of Biology at UMass-Amherst. READ MORE >>

  • Lathiena Manning Nervo is a faculty member at Pacific Lutheran University

    Congratulations to former Peifer lab postdoc Lathiena Manning Nervo who began a position this month as an Assistant Professor of Biology at Pacific Lutheran University. READ MORE >>

  • Li Wan’s publication appears in “Science”

    Congratulations to current Dangl lab post-doc co-first author Li Wan (pictured), who along with former Dangl lab post-docs Ryan Anderson, Freddy Monteiro, and Eui Hwan Chung and co-corresponding Marc Nishimura published this week paper in Science titled ‘TIR domains of … Continued

  • Oliver Furzer’s paper is published in “Cell”

    Congratulations to current Dangl lab post-doc co-first author Oliver Furzer (pictured), who along with former Dangl lab post-doc and co-first author Freddy Monteiro and co-author Marc Nishimura published this week paper in Cell titled ‘A species-wide inventory of NLR gene … Continued

  • Bloom lab’s New Publication in “PLOS Computational Biology”

    Josh Lawrimore (right) and Kerry Bloom (left) with their colleagues in Applied Math-Benjamin Walker, David Adalsteinsson, Greg Forest, Dane Taylor, and Caitlin Hult have a new publication in PLOS Computational Biology. The publication is titled: “Transient crosslinking kinetics optimize gene … Continued

  • Kerry Bloom Receives New NSF Grant Award

    Congratulations to Kerry Bloom, whose lab received a new National Science Foundation (NSF) grant award of $900,000. This grant will be active from Sept. 2019-Aug. 2023 and is titled: “Exploring the Interplay between DNA Replication Kinetics and Macromolecular Protein Assembly … Continued

  • Alain Laederach coauthors a “Nature Microbiology” paper

    Congratulations to Alain Laederach who coauthored a paper in Nature Microbiology titled “The structure of the influenza A virus genome,” in collaboration with Ervin Fodor’s laboratory at the University of Oxford. This paper presents a complete structure of the in … Continued

  • Lela Lackey receives an Alpha-1 Foundation Grant

    Congratulations to Lela Lackey (postdoc, Alain Laederach’s lab) for receiving a grant from “Alpha-1 Foundation” to study the effects of non-coding mutations on the expression of the Alpha-1-antitrypsin protein. Dr. Lackey will investigate novel variants in the UTRs of the … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver co-authors “Plant Cell” paper

    Dr. Gregory P. Copenhaver co-authored a paper in Plant Cell with his collaborators at The University of Vienna that is titled “Meiotic DNA Repair in the Nucleolus Employs a Non-homologous End Joining Mechanism”. This paper shows how plants repair chromosomal … Continued

  • CSL Professors win MURI Award to build Cyberoctopus

    “A ‘cyberoctopus’ may sound like a superhero, but it is actually the focus of the recently announced Multi-university Research Initiative (MURI) award led by the Coordinated Science Laboratory’s Girish Chowdhary (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign). The $7.5 million dollar project … Continued

  • Bob Goldstein and Kira Heikes take Tardigrades to Washington

    Bob Goldstein and grad student Kira Heikes brought tardigrades to Washington, D.C., representing the American Society for Cell Biology in the Coalition for Life Science’s Life Science Fair in the US House of Representatives’ office building. Congressional staffers, interns, and … Continued

  • Gregory Copenhaver co-authors “New Phytologist” paper

    Dr. Gregory P. Copenhaver co-authored a paper in New Phytologist with his collaborators at Fudan University in Shanghai that reveals how the anaphase-promoting complex (APC) promotes proper chromosome segregation in plant male meiosis. Compromising the APC, which targets proteins for … Continued

  • Darrel Stafford’s Lab publishes in “Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters”

    Da-Yun Jin (right) and Xuejie Chen (left), members of Dr. Darrel Stafford’s Lab, have published a paper in Bioorganic & Medical Chemistry Letters in collaboration with Dr. Craig Williams at the University of Queensland, Australia. The article was titled “Determining … Continued

  • In memory of Dr. Patricia J. Pukkila

    It is with great sadness that we note the passing of retired UNC Biology Professor Dr. Patricia J. Pukkila on June 20, 2019. Dr. Pukkila was a faculty member in the department from 1979-2013. Her research lab pioneered the use … Continued

  • Dragonflies overshoot to chase away other dragonflies

    This month in the Journal of Experimental Biology, Amanda Lohmann (past UNC undergraduate), Aaron Corcoran (past UNC postdoc) and Tyson Hedrick describe the spatial strategies dragonflies use to chase other fast, agile fliers — in particular, other dragonflies. Previous studies … Continued

  • Darrel Stafford’s Paper is Published in “Blood”

    Congratulations to Dr. Darrel Stafford whose paper titled “Dysfunctional endogenous FIX impairs prophylaxis in a mouse hemophilia B model” was recently published in Blood. In this paper, the authors demonstrated that the endogenous expression of a dysfunctional FIX can deleteriously … Continued

  • Aaron Corcoran and Tyson Hedrick Publish in “eLife”

    Congratulations To Aaron J. Corcoran (right, former Hedrick lab postdoc) and Tyson L. Hedrick (left) for their paper titled “Compound-V formations in shorebird flocks” that has just been published in the journal eLife. The paper shows how individuals in large … Continued

  • Dangl Lab Publishes Review in “Current Opinion In Plant Biology”

    Congratulations to three researchers from the Jeff Dangl lab – graduate student Lance Jubic (left), postdoc Oliver Furzer (middle), and former postdoc Farid El Kasmi (right – Farid is now running his own lab at the University of Tuebingen in … Continued

  • Karin Pfennig’s Article Appears in “Science”

    Congratulations to Dr. Karin Pfennig for her recent Perspectives article in Science titled “How to survive in a human-dominated world”. Her paper asks the question “Can species adapt fast enough to survive” the rapid environmental changes they are now experiencing?  In … Continued

  • Zack Nimchuk’s Lab Publishes in “Nature Genetics”

    Congratulations to the Nimchuk Lab for their Nature Genetics paper titled, “Evolution of buffering in a genetic circuit controlling plant stem cell proliferation,” part of a NSF-funded multi-species genome collaboration!

  • Kale Hartmann, Harvard Curriculum Fellow

    Kale Hartmann, a PhD student in Jeff Sekelsky’s lab, has accepted a position as a “Curriculum Fellow” in Genetics and Genomics at Harvard Medical School (HMS). The Curriculum Fellows Program consists of PhD-level scientists that work to improve and bring … Continued

  • International Sea Turtle Symposium 2019

    Ken Lohmann and Kayla Goforth – International Sea Turtle Symposium

    Professor Ken Lohmann completed his term as President of the International Sea Turtle Society by presiding over the 2019 International Sea Turtle Symposium in Charleston, South Carolina.  The symposium is the premier annual event in global sea turtle biology and … Continued

  • Copenhaver and BBSRC

    Copenhaver Lab Collaborative “BTT EAGER” Project Receives NSF Funding

    The lab of Gregory Copenhaver, together with his collaborator Ian Henderson from Cambridge University, has been awarded a joint National Science Foundation (US), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (UK) funding initiative called “BTT EAGER.” The project will transfer and extend genomic technology developed in the model plant species Arabidopsis thaliana into … Continued

  • Phi Beta Kappa

    2019 Phi Beta Kappa Inductees

    Congratulations to these UNC-CH students, enrolled as Biology majors and/or double majors, for their induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. At the induction ceremony, new members receive certificates and Phi Beta Kappa keys, the organization’s … Continued

  • Alan Weakley

    Dr. Alan Weakely, 2019 Native Plant Conference Honoree

      This year the Native Plant Conference offers a special tribute to Alan Weakley, who for many years has made significant contributions to the study, understanding, appreciation, and conservation of the Southeast’s distinctive native flora and its habitats. “What do … Continued

  • Yale University Ciencial Initative

    Megan Justice, a Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology student in Jill Dowen’s lab, was accepted into the Yale University Ciencia Initiative program. Throughout 2019, Megan will participate in a program designed “to expand access to scientific knowledge, experiences, and careers among communities or populations … Continued

  • Gidi Shemer

    2019 Chapman Family Teaching Award

    Congratulations to Biology Teaching Associate Professor/Faculty Advisor Gidi Shemer, who was honored with a 2019 UNC-CH Chapman Family Teaching Award. The Chapman Family Teaching Award honors a distinguished record of teaching undergraduates at UNC over an extended period of time. The Chapman Teaching Awards … Continued

  • Debra W. Stewart Award for Outstanding Leadership

    The Board of Directors of the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS) has announced that Dr. Steven W. Matson, dean of The Graduate School and Professor of Biology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, is the 2018 recipient of … Continued

  • NIH F31 Fellowship

    Congratulations to Aaztli Coria (Graduate Student, Alain Laederach’s Lab) for receiving an NIH F31 fellowship titled, “A novel melanoma therapeutic target: Elucidating the structure and mapping functional domains of the lncRNA SAMMSON.” Aaztli is studying the lncRNA SAMMSON that is specifically expressed in malignant melanoma … Continued

  • 2019 Delill Nassar Award

    Congratulations to Talia Hatkevich (Graduate Student in Jeff Sekelsky’s lab) for receiving the “2019 Delill Nassar Award for Professional Development in Genetics” from the Genetics Society of America.

  • Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring Award

    Congratulations to Jeff Sekelsky, who was one of ten UNC faculty members awarded an “Excellence in Basic Science Mentoring Award” from the Office of Graduate Education and the Office of Faculty Affairs and Leadership Development. This honor exemplifies Jeff’s outstanding mentoring skills and … Continued

  • National Climate Assessment Report

    The 4th National Climate Assessment, coauthored by Biology Professor John Bruno, was recently released. The report describes the growing impacts of climate change on America, including human health, economics and natural resources like coral reefs and fisheries. The report was widely covered … Continued

  • American Heart Associate Fellowship Awards

    Congratulations to Vicki Bautch Lab’s Postdoc Dana Ruter and Grad Student Danielle Berlin on their recent Fellowship Awards from the AHA (American Heart Association)!  Dana’s project is “NOTCH1 and SMAD6 Regulatory Mechanisms Governing Flow-mediated Vascular Function“ and Danielle’s project is “Centrosome Number as a Regulator of Endothelial Cell-Cell … Continued

  • Phi Beta Kappa

    2018 Phi Beta Kappa Society Inductees

    Congratulations to these UNC-CH students, enrolled as Biology majors or second majors, for their induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. At the induction ceremony, new members received certificates and Phi Beta Kappa keys, the organization’s … Continued


    Congratulations to Celia Shiau for being awarded an NIH Equipment Supplement Grant to acquire an automated lab-dedicated single and bulk cell sorter for multi-functional use. The Shiau lab will use this technology for high resolution cell-specific investigations in coordination with … Continued


    Pat Gensel and Alan Weakley received a 3 year NSF grant (Advanced Digitization of Biological Collections) to digitize parts of the critical fossil collections (all non-seed producing plant fossils) of Pat Gensel, as well as extant fern and lycophyte components of the UNC … Continued


    Congratulations to Biology postdoctoral researcher Fletcher Halliday(Charles Mitchell Lab) who won the “2018 Outstanding Student Paper Award” from the Disease Ecology Section of the Ecological Society of America. The award was for his 2017 paper, coauthored by James Umbanhowar and Charles Mitchell, and published in Ecology Lettersentitled … Continued


    The Zachary Nimchuk lab has been awarded a 3-year NSF funded grant as part of the ERA-CAPs program that promotes European-US research collaborations. The Nimchuk lab will join 4 European labs to study the molecular mechanisms of receptor signaling in plant development … Continued


    Jill Dowen and Bill Marzluff have secured a supplement from NIGMSto purchase an instrument for single cell isolation and recovery. This instrument will allow for more rapid and efficient genome editing of mammalian cells than current methods, and can also be utilized for single … Continued


    Congratulations to Nicole Arruda, a GMB graduate student in the Jill Dowen Lab, who was awarded a prestigious and highly-competitive three-year fellowship from the National Science Foundation.  Nicole’s project is entitled “Cis-Regulatory Elements Connect Gene Expression and Genome Organization.”


    Congratulations to Dr. Daniel McKay, Assistant Professor of Biology and Genetics and Integrative Program for Biological and Genome Studies (iBGS), who was Awarded an Early Stage Investigator MIRA Award (R35). This 5-year Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA)from the NIH was given for … Continued


    From more than 12,000 applicants, Matthew Niederhuber (a GMB graduate student in Daniel McKay’s lab), was selected to receive a prestigious “3-year NSF Predoctoral Fellowship award”. Matt’s project will focus on how transcription factors switch enhancers on and off during development.


    A paper by Dr. Meral Tunc-Ozdemir (Alan Jones lab) and colleagues was selected by editors of the Journal of Biological Chemistry as an exciting advance in GPCR-related research over the last three years. The article, “Direct modulation of heterotrimeric G protein-coupled signaling by a … Continued


    Congratulations to Dr. Jennifer Coble, who was awarded the 2017-2018 Biology Faculty Teaching Award for excellence in the teaching of biology. This award was presented by Tri-Beta at the Biology Graduation Ceremony on May 12. Dr. Coble is a Biology Teaching Associate Professor … Continued


    Congratulations to Greg Matera, who was recently elected to serve on The RNA Society Board of Directors, beginning in 2019. The RNA Society is a non-profit, international scientific organization whose members are dedicated to fostering research and education in the field of … Continued


    Kelly Hogan, a STEM-teaching associate professor and UNC’s assistant dean of instructional innovation, was recently featured in an article that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education. The article is titled “Traditional Teaching May Deepen Inequality. Can a Different Approach Fix It?” … Continued


    Congratulations to Gidi Shemer, who has been selected to receive one of this year’s “Class of 1996 Awards for Advising Excellence.” The UNC Academic Advising Program will present Gidi with a plaque and cash award at the “Semester Welcome Meeting” on August … Continued


    Congratulations to Bryan Reatini (Todd Vision’s lab), who has recently been awarded a “Fulbright Fellowship” and also a “Society for the Study of Evolution Graduate Research Excellence Grant (GREG)” – R.C. Lewontin Early Award.”


    Congratulations to these Biology Honors students who received the indicated designations this spring upon completion of their Honors Thesis projects. HIGHEST HONORS IN BIOLOGY: ALISON BONNER, ALEXANDER DAVIS, CLAIRE DRYSDALE, BRYAN GERBER (Fall 2017), TREVOR MCPHERSON, HALLE RONK, CATHLEEN RUECKEIS, LENO SMITH, CAROLINE TARALLO, … Continued


    Stephen Brantley Award – CLAIRE DRYSDALE The Brantley Award is given to a senior biology major for excellence in research in molecular, cell, and developmental Biology. Robert Coker Award – ALEXANDER DAVIS The Coker Award is given to a senior … Continued


    Jane Pearce, a Junior Biology major, recently won first place and $1,500 in the 13th Annual American Association for Cancer Research Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition. This international meeting was held in Chicago and was attended by 22,000 cancer researchers. … Continued


    Congratulations to Kelly Hogan, who was featured in a “Teaching in Higher Ed” podcast along with her Psychology and Neuroscience collegure Viji Sathy. In the podcast, Hogan and Sathy describe how interactivity and inclusivity can help close the achievement gap. The podcast … Continued


    Congratulations to Vincent Boudreau (PhD student in the lab of Paul Maddox) and Carlos Patiño Descovich (former member of Amy Maddox’s lab, currently a PhD student in Scott Williams’ lab), who will both be inducted into the “Frank Porter Graham Honor Society.” The Honor Society (FPGHS) recognizes outstanding service provided to the University and … Continued


    Congratulations to Teaching Professor Dr. Jean DeSaix, who was recently honored by the Department of Biology for her many years of service and teaching excellence. Current and former colleagues, friends, family, and students were all able to share their appreciation for her … Continued


    Congratulations to Dr. Justin Watkins (postdoc in Alan Jones’s Lab) who has been selected as a “3-yr SPIRE Fellow” beginning Sept 1st, 2018. The mission of “Seeding Postdoctoral Innovators in Research & Education” (SPIRE) is to provide multi-dimensional professional development for science researchers and educators … Continued

  • Phi Beta Kappa


    Congratulations to these UNC-CH students, enrolled as Biology majors or minors, for their induction into Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest academic honor society. At the induction ceremony, new members receive certificates and Phi Beta Kappa keys, the organization’s symbol. … Continued


    Congratulations to Aaron Comeault (Daniel Matute lab postdoc) who was one of 4 recipients of the prestigious “Jasper Loftus-Hills Young Investigator Awards” from the American Society of Naturalists. The other three award recipients were Rachel Germain, Rachael Bay, and Gijsbert Werner.