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Fall 20 Biology transfer orientation

The faculty listed below provide advising within the Biology Department to supplement Academic Advising offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. Advising in the Biology Department is focused on the Biology curriculum, career advising, and any concerns you have about the Biology major. Please contact any of the faculty below to discuss any of these issues of particular concern for Biology majors.

If you need to verify overall graduation requirements, declare a major, or have other questions that are relevant to all students in the College of Arts and Sciences, contact Academic Advising in the Steele Building, instead:

If you are interested in a health profession, like medical school, you may also benefit from Health Professions Advising:

A slideshow from Fall 19 group advising by Dr. Shemer- Fall 19 group advising

Gidi Shemer

Biology Department Advisor
213A Coker Hall
(919) 962-0684
Please include your PID number when you contact Dr. Shemer:
Ask Dr. Shemer about requirements of the Biology major, choosing the courses that fit your interests, and any other questions about the Biology major.

Mara Evans

Career Advising
104A Wilson Hall
(919) 843-7107
Ask Dr. Evans about resources that exist for identifying career paths in biology and for preparing to apply for jobs or to graduate school.

Elaine Yeh

Study Abroad
603 Fordham Hall
(919) 962-2331

Ask Dr. Yeh about opportunities to study abroad and how to prepare.

Gustavo Maroni

Biology Advisor
G015D Steele Building
(919) 929-8863
Ask Dr. Maroni about transferring course credit if you are a currently enrolled student.