Fall 2019

Fridays 12:20 in Coker 215 (unless noted)

August 23Meet & Greet
September 6Emily HarmonD. Pfennig Lab"Maternal effects in the Spadefoot Toad"
September 13Joel Kingsolver"OPUS: Phenotypic Selection"
September 20Brian LerchServedio Lab"Better baboon breakups: Collective decision theory of complex social network fissions"
September 27Chris Willett, Kayla GoforthFostering department cohesiveness
October 4 Bob Peet, Todd Vision, Maria ServedioModern trends in scholarly publication (with article)
October 11Bryan ReatiniVision Lab"Sex with aliens: how bad can it really be?"
October 18FALL BREAK
October 25Kuangyi XuServedio & Vision Labs"Evolutionary rescue in a changing world"
November 1Gina CalabreseK. Pfennig Lab"Reinforcement, introgression, and their impacts on the diversification of mate choice and sexual signals"
November 8Rita GrunbergMitchell Lab"Compositional concordance between parasites, their hosts and riverine environment"
November 15Aimee DeconinckWillett Lab"Hypercapnia and hypoxia tolerance in T. californicus"
November 22Elizabeth MooreKingsolver Lab"Characterizing temperature in North Carolina field conditions, and its effects on the parasitoid Cotesia congregata and its host, Manduca sexta"
December 6Catherine KehlTaylor Lab“Soft Surface Grasping: Radular Opening in Aplysia Californica”

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