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Spring 2022

January 14Aimee DeconinckWillet Lab"Every Breath You Take: The Impact of Hybridization on Hypoxia Tolerience in Tigriopus californicus"
January 21Catherine KehlTaylor Lab"Intro to Programming for Biologists"
January 28Luke HavensLohmann Lab"Bridging the gap between theory and behavior in magnetoreception"
February 4Lori Hamon, NC StateKingsolver Lab"The pollination ecology of Venus flytrap "
February 11Dax LedesmaWeakley and Vision Labs"On the morphological analysis of botanical biodiversity image data using neural networks: is this a way forward?"
February 18Kuangyi XuServedio and Vision Labs“Selfing as an Evolutionary
Dead End”
February 25Graduate Student Recruitment
March 4Allison Gould, California Academy of SciencesSenay YitbarekTBD
March 11Catherine Chen DefenseK. Pfennig Lab"The role of hybridization in shaping male and female mating behaviors”
March 25Marketa Zimova, Appalachian State UniversityHurlbert Lab"Multidimensional responses to climate change: Color changing mammals and shrinking birds"
April 1Emily HarmonD. Pfennig Lab"Testing the buying time hypothesis"
April 8Meggan AlstonWillett Lab"Performance and fitness consequences of thermal stress across developmental stages and time scales in Manduca sexta"
April 22Senay Yitbarek"Discussion: Ecological Complexity"
April 29Michelle MogliaC. Jones Lab“Using Simulation to Understand Observed Patterns in Population Structure of Parasitic Cuckoos"

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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