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Spring 2023

January 13Global Change/Ecoinformatics Candidate TalkHurlbert Lab
January 20Global Change/Ecoinformatics Candidate TalkWillett Lab
January 27Global Change/Ecoinformatics Candidate TalkK. Pfennig Lab
February 3Global Change/Ecoinformatics Candidate TalkHurlbert Lab
February 10Kuangyi XuServedio and Vision LabsDefense
February 17Sam Scheiner, NSFServedio Lab"The role of theory in biology"
February 24Graduate Student RecruitmentLightning Talks
March 3Allison Barner, Colby CollegeMcCoy Lab"Predicting extinction cascades using species interaction networks”
March 10Alex BaughK. Pfennig Lab“Sex is stressy. Is stress sexy?”
March 24Katherine MalinskiWillett Lab“Temperature, parasitism, and immunity in Manduca”
March 31Anna ParkerKingsolver LabDefense: "High temperatures and hostplant identity interact to affect success in tritrophic system"
April 14Sedona RyanK. Pfennig Lab“Fear at four-days-old: Predator-induced plasticity in tadpoles"
April 21Michelle FearonYitbarek Lab"Resource quality impacts Daphnia host interactions with two parasites"
April 28Aimee DeconinckWillett Lab"The role of mitonuclear incompatibilities in hypoxia tolerance of an intertidal copepod"

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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