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Fall 2023

August 25Meet & Greet
September 8Keith SockmanKeith Sockman"Escalating summer temperature-minima drive collapse of a mountain insect community"
September 15Chase RakowskiSenay Yitbarek"Extending trophic cascade theory using pond species interaction experiments and models."
September 22Matthew Zipple, Cornell PostdocKarin Pfennig"The Best of Both Worlds: Social Behavioral Ecology of Lab Mice Living Under Semi-Natural Conditions"
September 29Catherine Kehl"Bio-inspired Navigation In Space"
October 6Mallory Choudoir, NC StateSenay YitbarekTBA
October 13Aimee Deconinck, Defense"Cross-specific hypoxia tolerance in introgression lines of Tigriopus californicus”
October 20FALL BREAK
October 27Jeff Pippen, Carolina Butterfly Monitoring ProgramJoel Kingsolver"Introducing the Carolinas Butterfly Monitoring Program: Using Citizen Science to Assess Insect Population Trends on a Continental Scale"
November 3Braulio AssisEric Riddell"70 years since invasion: Genomic signatures of adaptation in native lizards following the anthropogenic introduction of fire ants"
November 10Andrew IsdanerDavid PfennigTBA
November 17Gongyuan Cao, Duke Graduate StudentKuangyi Xu & Brian Lerch, co-hosts"On the mechanism underlying the evolution of a novel defense protein in tomato”
December 1Amy Goldberg, Duke FacultyParul JohriTBA
December 8Melissa Manus, University of ManitobaCorbin Jones"Associations between early life environments, the microbiome, and infant health across populations"

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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