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Spring 2021

January 29Anna ParkerKingsolver Lab, Formal"Investigating the life history consequences of heat stress and the introduction of a novel host in a tritrophic system"
February 5Keith SockmanSockman Lab, Formal“Avian Vocal Performance and Vocal Complexity as a Sexual and Competitive Signal”
February 12Ty HedrickHedrick Lab, Informal“What is Deep Learning and how can it help me?”
February 19Katherine MalinskiWillett/Kingsolver Labs, Informal“Thermal mismatch in an insect host-parasitoid-endosymbiont system: causes and consequences”
February 26Rebecca Hale (UNC Asheville)Burmeister Lab"Predators, mutualists, and the maintenance of a genetic polymorphism in the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)"
March 5Emily HarmonPfennig Lab, Formal“The role of parental environment in shaping phenotypes: Mechanisms and variation in a natural system”
March 12Mike Moore (Washington University)Brian Lerch/Servedio LabTBA
March 19Joel KingsolverKingsolver Lab“Metaphors in Biology: what are they good for?”
March 26Jean Gilbert (Duke University)Senay YitbarekTBA
April 9Cody SorrellBurmeister Lab, FormalTBA
April 16Elizabeth Moore, DefenseKingsolver LabTBA
April 23Andrew IsdanerPfennig LabTBA
April 30Senay Yitbarek, Carolina Fellow for Faculty DiversityTBA

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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