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Fall 2020

August 14Meet & Greet
August 21Luke HavensLohmann Lab, Informal"Modeling magnetic field processing in Panulirus argus"
August 28Pat GenselGensel Lab, Informal“The Devonian- a time of innovation in early vascular plants”
September 4Elizabeth MooreKingsolver Lab, Informal“Abdicating Responsibility: Disjointed Themes of Climate Fatalism and Climate Absolution in Godzilla: King of the Monsters”
September 11Alexander TateMatute Lab, Informal"Relationships between Geographic Range Overlap and Age of Species Pairs: A Meta-Analysis"
September 18Ken LohmannLohmann Lab, Informal"Magnetic Navigation of Sea Turtles: 20 Years of Research in 30 minutes"
September 25Cindy Harley, Metropolitan State UniversityTaylor Lab, Formal“The separable roles of motivation and ability in recovery from injury (in the medicinal leech)”
October 2Andrius Dagilis and Gaston JofreMatute Lab, Informal“Two Texas fish in a fly lab: Quick intros from Matute postdocs”
October 9Filipe BarrettoWillett Lab; Host: Aimee Deconinck, Formal"Genomics in the Tidepool: Functional and Population Genetics of Adaptation and Speciation in a Tiny Crustacean"
October 16Meggan AlstonWillett Lab, Formal"Evaluating the evidence for trans-generational effects of high temperature exposure in Manduca sexta"
October 23Brad DickersonDickerson Lab, Informal"Coding of timing precision in a biological “gyroscope”
October 30Derick PoindexterWeakley Lab, Informal"Strategies for reconciling taxonomic problems in the vascular flora of the southeastern United States"
November 6Stefania GutierrezLaura Mendez, Fundación Calima, Cali, Colombia“Colonial life history: a major evolutionary transition, involving modularization of multicellular individuals and heterochrony (miniaturization and adultation)”
November 13CANCELLED

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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