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Spring 2024

January 19Sara Lipshutz, Duke UniversityK. Pfennig Lab"Fighting for fitness: integrating behavioral, hormonal, and genomic perspectives on the evolution of female competition"
January 26Yuxiang Liu, UT Southwestern Medical SchoolBurmeister Lab“The extra-circadian function of human CLOCK during neurodevelopment.”
February 2Joel Kingsolver and Corbin Jones“Leveraging Innovations From Evolution (LIFE): a new NSF initiative”
February 9Alex McAvoy, UNC School of Data Science and SocietyServedio LabMutation-selection dynamics in spatially structured populations
February 16Pat GenselTBA
February 23Graduate Student Recruitment
March 1Jacob MarshJohri Lab"Biases in ARG-based inference of historical population size in populations experiencing selection"
March 18Schyler EllsworthMcCoy LabInvestigating venom complexity and venom resistance using Scolopendromorpha and Drosophila"
March 22Sean AndersonMatute LabTBA
April 5Lorrie HeWillett and Kingsolver Labs"Nighttime recovery from stressful daytime temperatures in Manduca"
April 12Katherine Malinski, DefenseKingsolver and Willett Labs“High temperatures and climate change disrupt the ecophysiology of interacting hosts, parasites, and symbionts: evidence from an agricultural insect pest”
April 19Brian LerchServedio Lab "Eco-evolutionary dynamics of predation and sexual selection"
April 26Emily Harmon, DefenseD. Pfennig Lab"Plasticity mediates persistence in new environments: a test of the ‘buying time’ hypothesis"

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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