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Spring 2021

January 29Anna ParkerKingsolver Lab, Formal"Investigating the life history consequences of heat stress and the introduction of a novel host in a tritrophic system"
February 5Keith SockmanSockman Lab, Formal“Avian Vocal Performance and Vocal Complexity as a Sexual and Competitive Signal”
February 12Ty HedrickHedrick Lab, Informal“What is Deep Learning and how can it help me?”
February 19Katherine MalinskiWillett/Kingsolver Labs, Informal“Thermal mismatch in an insect host-parasitoid-endosymbiont system: causes and consequences”
February 26Rebecca Hale (UNC Asheville)Burmeister Lab"Predators, mutualists, and the maintenance of a genetic polymorphism in the spotted salamander (Ambystoma maculatum)"
March 5Emily HarmonPfennig Lab, Formal“The role of parental environment in shaping phenotypes: Mechanisms and variation in a natural system”
March 12Mike Moore (Washington University)Brian Lerch/Servedio Lab"Climate drives the diversification of animal beauty"
March 19Brian Taylor and Joel KingsolverTaylor and Kingsolver Labs"Frontiers in EEOB"
March 26Jean Gilbert (Duke University)Senay Yitbarek"Microbial traits influence food-web processes in a changing world"
April 9Cody SorrellBurmeister Lab, FormalTBA
April 16Elizabeth Moore, DefenseKingsolver LabTBA
April 23Andrew IsdanerPfennig LabTBA

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio

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