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Our research spans the range of Biology from genetics to global change ecology, facilitating interactions across disciplines that result in new approaches to long-standing questions.



Our broad expertise allows students to engage in all areas of Biology, including ecology, evolution, biomechanics, genomics, cell, development, neurobiology, and organismal biology.



Gifts from alumni and other patrons help us provide the best possible education for our students and support the cutting edge research of our faculty.


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Department Headlines

David Pfennig quoted in The Guardian!

Posted 5 days ago

Congratulations to David Pfennig for his featured quotes in “Do we need a new theory of evolution?,” an article featured in The Guardian! From the article, “A new wave of scientists argues that mainstream evolutionary theory needs an urgent overhaul. … Continued

Dr. Copenhaver featured in Innovate Carolina article!

Posted 2 weeks ago

After being named the Director of the Institute for Convergent Science just a few weeks ago, Dr. Gregory Copenhaver has been featured in an article for Innovate Carolina! In the article, Dr. Copenhaver explains how the ICS is “bringing multidisciplinary … Continued

Check out Dr. Bloom’s recent publications!

Posted 2 weeks ago

Congratulations to Dr. Bloom for his recent articles, both accepted and published. Dr. Bloom has two papers accepted for 2022, including “DNA damage reduces heterogeneity and coherence of chromatin motions” in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and … Continued

Ken Lohmann featured on CBC Podcast!

Posted 3 weeks ago

UNC Biology’s Ken Lohmann was featured on an episode of Tai Asks Why, a CBC Podcast. In the episode, entitled “How do animals know where they are going,” Lohmann discusses how marine life navigate! Check out the podcast here.