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The Hige Lab has worked with the Kenan Fellows Program for Teacher Leadership every summer since 2021. The program connects a K12 educator with a mentor in a research or industry setting. The goal is to equip the educator to act as a bridge between the skills taught in the classroom and the ways students may apply those skills in their future workplaces.

In the summer of 2024, the Hige Lab will host its fourth Kenan Fellow. The Hige Lab’s fellows were supported by funds from a National Science Foundation grant awarded to the lab, and the lab continues to support past fellows with classroom visits.

Pictured here is Drew Davidson, a member of Toshi Hige’s lab, visiting the classroom of Christine Sudzina Schut, the lab’s 2023 Kenan Fellow. With the support of the Hige Lab, Ms. Sudzina produced a series of inquiry-based sessions that used fruit flies to enhance the seventh-grade science standard of observing life cycles.

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