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The Biology department offers many honors opportunities for undergraduates at Carolina, in the form of honors courses as well as research and extra-curricular activities.

Honors Courses

The Honors courses listed below are not offered every semester. Check the current course listings in Connect Carolina. No Honors classes are offered in Summer School. All honors classes (except 395H and 692H) are controlled by the Honors Office – this includes the waitlist.

BIOL 101H – offered Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 201H – offered Spring only – subject to change

BIOL 202H – offered in Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 205H – offered in Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 224H – offered every odd-numbered spring starting in Spring 2017

BIOL 294H – not offered on a regular basis

BIOL 395H – offered Fall & Spring – Must take 395H class in addition to research

BIOL 514H – offered Fall only – subject to change

BIOL 526H – offered Fall only (even years) – subject to change

BIOL 565H – offered Spring only – subject to change

BIOL 692H – offered Fall & Spring – Must take class and present research orally at the Koeppe Biology Honors Research Symposium

Senior Honors Thesis in Biology

Honors in Biology is earned through independent research conducted in BIOL 395 & 692H. BIOL 692H students give an oral presentation of their research at the John K. Koeppe Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium.

  1. Read more about undergraduate research in Biology.
  2. Read about this semester’s Undergraduate Research Symposium.
  3. Contact Dr. Amy Shaub Maddox, our Biology Honors Director, with questions about the program.


Honors Thesis in Biology is done by taking BIOL 692H in your final year (either Fall or spring semester).

Eligibility to pursue Honor thesis-

  • Minimum GPA of 3.3 (both cumulative and Biology GPA, which includes only BIOL courses, and not include BIOL 101 and second semester of 395),
  • At least one semester of 395 completed in the same lab of 692H


Tri-Beta Honor Society

Beta Beta Beta is a National Biology Honor Society for students dedicated to improving the understating and appreciation of biological study through research and teaching. Since its founding in 1922, more than 175,000 persons have been accepted into lifetime membership, and more than 430 chapters have been established throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Here at UNC, Tri-Beta is more than just an honor society. Our members have been equally devoted to service both within the department and in the larger community. Please visit the Tri-Beta website for more information.

Other Honors Opportunities

You will find several options available within the university at the honors level: