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These courses are intended to fulfill the seminar requirements for our Ph.D. Biology graduate students; however, we encourage and welcome graduate students from other programs to enroll who have relevant interest in the topics. Please note that the schedules below reflect the currently planned classes, but schedules and offerings could change. Department consent may be required for some of these courses. Please contact Kenlyn Merritt for assistance.

Course #Instructor(s)Course Title
BIOL 625BautchSeminar in Genetics
BIOL 639ReedSeminar in Plant Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL 659VisionSeminar in Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 669WaittSeminar in Ecology; Plant Conservation Science and Practice and the Conservation Garden
BIOL 801BurmeisterSeminar in Biological Sciences
BIOL 891WillettGraduate Seminar in Biology (1st and 2nd year students)

SPRING 2022   
Course #Instructor(s)Course TitleTopic
BIOL 620MatthysseBacterial Genetics
BIOL 625Copenhaver, C.Jones,
Seminar in GeneticsMechanism of meiosis, recombination,
DNA repair and the
evolution of sexual
BIOL 659KingsolverSeminar in Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 704SlepSeminar in BiophysicsMolecular and Cellular Biophysics

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