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Vascular Tissue in Poplar (Alan Jones Lab)

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Other Seminars in the Triangle

Life Sciences Seminars at UNC

Microbiology & Immunology – Tuesdays 9:30am

Biochemistry and Biophysics – Tuesdays 11am

Biology – Tuesdays 12:30pm

Pharmacology – Tuesdays 4pm

Genetics – Wednesdays noon

Marine Sciences – Wednesdays 3:30pm
Ecology – Thursdays 4pm

Geology – Thursdays 4pm

Genetics & Molecular Biology – Fridays noon
Lineberger list

Life Sciences Seminars at Duke

Biology – Mondays 1:15pm

Genetics – Tuesdays 12:30pm

Computational Biology – Mondays 11:30am

Cell Biol etc – Thursdays 12:30pm

Evolution and Development – Thursdays 12:00pm

Population Biology – Thursdays 4:00pm

 Ecology – Tuesdays 3:30pm