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Recording Frog Advertisement Calls at Mason Farm Biological Reserve (Haven Wiley Lab)

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Biology Department Seminars

Seminars will be held Tuesdays at 12:30 pm
in L300 Carrington Hall – Fox Auditorium.
Everyone is welcome, so please join us!

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Directions & Contact Info

Date Speaker Host
Sept 11 2018 Houra Merrikh, University of Washington, “The clash of macromolecular titans – replication-transcription conflicts in bacteria” Christina Burch
Sept 18 2018 Nitin Phadnis, University of Utah, “Genomic conflicts and the origins of species” Daniel Matute
Sept 25 2018 Kim Hughes, Florida State (DL in Evolution), “Predictibility of evolution in fish and flies” Maria Servedio
Oct 2 2018 TBA
Oct 9 2018 Celia Shiau, UNC, “How macrophages can reveal complex multi-organ interactions” Kerry Bloom
Oct 23 2018 Butch Brodie, University of Virginia, “Channel Surfing the Adaptive Wave – Convergence, Constraint, and Contingency in the Evolution of Tetrodotoxin Resistance” David Pfennig
Oct 30 2018 Kristy Kenyon, Hobart & William Smith, “Let Them Play Ball – Transforming the Science Classroom with the CREATE Strategy” Kelly Hogan
Nov 2 2018 Rob Dowen, UNC, G100 Bondurant Hall, “Developmental control of  energy homeostasis”

Chalk Talk, 4:00 pm in 124 Taylor Hall (next to MBRB)

Kathleen Caron
Nov 6 2018 Sharon Aviran, UC Davis, “From speech to SHAPE recognition – analyzing RNA structure probing data at the substructure level” Alain Laederach
Nov 13 2018 Paul Maddox, UNC, “You can Observe at lot by Watching” Kerry Bloom
Nov 27 2018 Marianne Bronner, Caltech (Lawrence Gilbert DL), “Making  new head and heart of vertebrates” Celia Shiau
Nov 30 2018 Sophie Dumont, University of California, San Francisco, “Cell division – Mechanical integrity with dynamic parts” Ted Salmon
Jan 15 2019 Mike Ritchie, Univ of St Andrews (Max & Fran Hommersand DL), “Sexual Selection, Speciation & Genomic Divergence” Karin Pfennig
Jan 22 2019 CANCELLED-Malene Hansen, SBP Institute La Jolla, “Cellular recycling – Role of autophagy in aging and disease” Steve Rogers
Jan 29 2019 Rosie Alegado, University of Hawaii, “Influence of bacterial signaling on multicellular development of choanoflagellates” Beth Shank
Feb 12 2019 Jennifer Lippincott-Schwartz, Janelia Research Campus (BGSA seminar), “Pathways of organelle-organelle cross-talk and their role(s) in cell metabolism and homeostasis” BGSA/Tanner Fadero
Feb 19 2019 Xiaoyu Zhang, University of Geogia Greg Copenhaver
Feb 26 2019 Joseph Ruiz, Enzerna Biosciences, “Pioneering RNA editing technology as an alternative to DNA editing for treating rare genetic disorders” Kerry Bloom
March 5 2019 Andrea Graham, Princeton (BGSA seminar), “Rapid environmental effects on parasite susceptibility in This Wormy World” BGSA/Kayleigh O’Keefe
March 19 2019
Marc Kirschner, Harvard University (DL in Systems Biology), “The curious features of mammalian cell size regulation” Frank Conlon
March 26 2019
CANCELED-Dan Gottschling, Head of Research, Calico (DL in Molec Biol), “Organelle deterioration with age- The limits of an interconnected cellular system” Shawn Ahmed
April 2 2019 Sarah Tishkoff, UPenn (DL in Genetics), “Population History and Adaptation in Africa Inferred from Genomic Analyses” Joel Kingsolver
April 9 2019 CANCELED-Mark Vellend, Université de Sherbrook, “Biodiversity change during the Anthropocene” Caroline Tucker