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The Department of Biology has been proud to showcase our undergraduate’s research at the John Koeppe Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium since 1985.

This symposium is held twice a year – in early November during the fall semester and in early April during the spring semester. BIOL 692H students give an oral presentation/defense of their research for their Senior Honors Thesis in Biology. Biology majors/2nd majors may choose to do their senior honors thesis in either the fall or spring semester of their senior year. Dr Amy Shaub Maddox ( is our Biology Honors Director.


Monday, March 30
12:30 pm – Welcome
12:35 pm – Cell Biology
12:40 pm – Emily Wolfgram: Examining Effects of Membrane Tensions on Exocytic Mode and Neuronal Development – Dr. Stephanie Gupton
1:00 pm – Adhham Zaatri: Exploring the Driver of Cortical Rotation in the C. elegans zygote – Dr. Amy Shaub Maddox
1:20 pm – Andrew Yoblinski: The Role of Dma1 and Dma2 in DNA Damage Repair in Budding Yeast – Dr. Brian Stahl

Tuesday, March 31
1:30 pm – Kate Griffin: As Far as the Frog Can See: Visual Acuity in Two Tropical Frogs – Dr. Sabrina Burmeister
1:50 pm – William Wiener: Pairwise interactions in chimney swift flocks – Dr. Tyson Hedrick
3:00 pm – Sara Hudson: Screening for Exo84 Gain-of-Function Mutants that Mimic Activation of the Exocyst Complex by Sro7/77 – Dr. Patrick Brennwald

Friday, April 3
12:00 pm – Stewart Kepper: The impact of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances on global DNA methylation in a placental cell model – Dr. Rebecca Fry

Thanks to technology, our honors students were able to present their written theses and symposium talks via Zoom!
If you have any interest in watching any of these terrific talks, please find links to talks that were recorded during zoom sessions here. The written theses (and some of the talks) are collected here.