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1)  Biology minors will complete (or place out of, e.g. through AP credit) BIOL 101 and BIOL 101 lab.

2)  Biology minors will complete 1 of the 2 fundamental courses.

BIOL 103- How cells function.

BIOL 104- Biodiversity.

3) Biology minors will complete 3 courses beyond the fundamental courses.

3a. These courses will include at least of 1 of the 5 following core intermediate level courses:

Cell Biology- BIOL 240
Ecology- BIOL 260
Evolution- BIOL 250
Molecular Genetics- BIOL 220
Organismal biology- a choice from a group of classes.

*Each core class requires one (and only one) specific biology fundamental.

3b.  Biology minors will complete at least 2 biology electives, including at least 1 biology w/L and at least 1 upper-level biology course (≥ 400).


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