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Vascular Tissue in Pine (Alan Jones Lab)

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Koeppe Biology Honors Symposium

The Department of Biology has been proud to showcase our undergraduate’s research at the John K. Koeppe Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium since 1985.

This symposium is held twice a year – in November during the fall semester and in April during the spring semester.  BIOL 692H students give an oral presentation/defense of their research for their Senior Honors Thesis in Biology.  Dr Amy Shaub Maddox ( is our Biology Honors Director.  Upcoming symposium dates are listed below.  These events are free and open to the public!

Fall 2018 Koeppe Biology Undergraduate Honors Symposium dates TBA in November, 2018 in Coker 215.

Spring 2018  Koeppe Biology Undergraduate Honors Symposium will be held Monday-Thursday, April 2-5, 2018 in Coker 215.

Fall 2017 Senior Honors Thesis Student

Student Name & Faculty Research Mentor Project Title
Bryan Gerber
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Elizabeth Shank
“High-throughput Screen to Discover Secreted Activators of Microbial Metabolites”

Spring 2017 Senior Honors Thesis Students

Student Name & Faculty Research Mentor Project Title
alimohamadi-saharSahar Alimohamadi
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Li Qian
Autophagic Factor Beclin1 Inhibits Direct Cardiac Reprogramming
allyn-brittneyBrittany Allyn
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Matthew Billard
G-protein Signaling Modulator-3 Regulates Monocyte Survival
chang-nicole-72X72Nicole Chang
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Joseph Kieber
Identifying Novel Cytokinin Signaling Components by a Second-Site Modifier Mutation Screen in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kathryn Citrincitrin-kathryn-72X72
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Victoria Bautch
Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells Sprout from a Bead in a 3D Fibrin Matrix
Shay Dajidaji-shay-72X72
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Todd Thiele
Binge Alcohol Consumption Behavior Does Not Induce IL-10 Immune Response in the Ventral Tegmental Area of the Mouse Brain
das-snigdha-72X72Snigdha Das
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Julia S. Kimbell
Variation in Nasal Morphology Affects Particle Deposition and Air Conditioning
goldstein-audra-72X72Audra Goldstein
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Rosalind Coleman
Translocation of GPAT4 from the Endoplasmic Reticulum to the Mitochondria May Alter Efficiency of TAG Synthesis in Liver Cells
hanover-joshua-72X72Joshua Hanover
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Catherine Lohmann
The Role of Magnetite-Based Magnetoreception in the Seasonal Migratory Behavior of Spotted Salamanders (Ambystoma maculatum)
harris-will-72X72Will Harris
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Shelton Earp
TAM RTK Inhibition Causes Contrasting Effects in Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells and Dendritic Cells
hayes-tracie-72X72Tracie Hayes
Faculty Research Mentor:  Dr. Allen Hurlbert
The Effects of Temperature and Green-up on the Timing of Arthropod Abundance and Avian Migration
jensen-jennifer-72X72Jennifer Jensen
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Thomas Kash
Prepronociceptin-expressing Neurons in Central Amygdala Mediate Palatable Food Reward Independent of Anxiety
johnson-leah-72X72Leah Johnson
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Joseph Kieber
1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid Signals Independently of Ethylene in the FEI Cellulose Synthesis Pathway in A. thaliana
kerr-sam-72X72Sam Kerr
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Robert Nicholas
A Missense Mutation in the acnB Gene Indirectly Affects the Growth, Metabolism and Biological Fitness in a Spontaneous Compensatory Mutant of Antibiotic-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae
kimpston-caellaigh-72X72Caellaigh Kimpston
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Maureen Su
DX5+ Endoneurial Cells And Extracellular Periostin are Upregulated in Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy
lowe-ben-72X72Ben Lowe
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Kevin Slep
Mini Spindles TOG1 Is Required to Promote Microtubule Polymerization and Mitotic Spindle Bipolarity
mckinnon-tara-72X72Tara McKinnon
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Allen Hurlbert
Effect of Avian Predation on Arthropod Density Across Tree Species and Regions
mishal-nadia-72X72Nadia Mishal
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Flavio Fröhlich
Transcranial Current Stimulation Increases the Alpha Wave Power of Norepinephrine Treated Mouse Cortical Slices In Vitro
nielsen-lucus-72X72Lucas Nielsen
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jen Jen Yeh
Inhibiting JNK in Combination with FOLFOX Chemotherapy Synergistically Suppresses Pancreatic Cancer Cell Growth
noel-melodie-72X72Meodie Noel
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Samantha Pattenden
Developing Small Molecule Probes to Inhibit Transcriptional Repression by Long Noncoding RNAs
patel-jeet-72X72Jeet Patel
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Scott Williams
Rare Label Retaining Cells in Palatal Epithelia Display Characteristics of Reserve Stem Cells
poston-jacqueline-72X72Jacqueline Poston
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Mohanish Deshmukh
Dynamic Changes in the Function of Apoptotic Genes During Differentiation and Development
shen-julia-72X72Julia Shen
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Jeffery Dangl
Repression of Microbially-induced Phosphate Starvation Response in Arabidopsis thaliana is Systemic
simha-anita-72X72Anita Simha
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Charles Mitchell
Arrival Order Affects Coinfecting Plant Pathogens
spitzer-danielle-72X72Danielle Spitzer
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Scott Williams
Development and Production of shRNA Lentiviruses Targeting Nectin-2 and -4
sun-austin-72X72Austin Sun
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Aravind Asokan
Disruption of Water Homeostasis Affects AAV Transport Across the Blood-Brain Barrier
valsaraj-smrithi-72X72Smrithi Valsaraj
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Ajay Gulati
Commensal Gut Bacteria Regulate Paneth Cell Function Putatively Via Signaling Through the Sub-epithelial Tissue
velinko-liliya-72X72Liliya Veliko
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Rosalind Coleman
AGPAT Enzyme Activity Increases in the Absence of GPAT3 and GPAT4 in Murine Liver and Adipose
wall-blake-72X72Blake Wall
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Li Qian
Gene Position Affects Protein Concentration in a 2A Polycistronic Vector System
worden-cameron-72X72Cameron Worden
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Robert Bourret
Combinations of Variable Active Site Residues Interact to Influence Response Regulator Reaction Kinetics
xiang-tina-72X72Tina Xiang
Faculty Research Mentor: Dr. Shawn Ahmed
Insertion of Transgene arIs92 Promotes Progressive Sterility in C. elegans Strain GS3582