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Documentation of Soil Attributes is Critical for Understanding Vegetation (Robert Peet Lab)

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BIOL Degree Choices

The Department of Biology offers the following degree options as a major or 2nd major:  Bachelor of Arts (BA),  Bachelor of Science (BS), and a Quantitative Biology track as a Bachelor of Science (offered for those students who are interested in mathematical and computer analyses of biological phenomena).  A minor in biology is also offered.

Students can specialize in many areas within the field of biology:  animal behavior, biomechanics, botany, cell biology, developmental biology, ecology, evolutionary biology, genetics, genomics, marine biology, microbiology, molecular biology, neurobiology, organismal biology, physiology, and plant biology; however there are no degrees awarded for sub-disciplines of study.

Although several biology majors are planning to apply to medical school, there is no dedicated pre-med track of biology courses.  However, Campus Magazine voted UNC-Chapel Hill the #1 pre-med school:  Best pre-med schools

You will find more details about each specific track by following the links  on the left-side navigation menu.

Those students interested in teaching science on the grade school and high school level can take the educational coursework required for a high school science teaching license through the UNC Baccalaureate Education in Science and Teaching (UNC–BEST) program –