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Agrobacterium Interacting with Carrot Cells showing Bacterial Cellulose Fibrils (Ann Matthysse Lab)

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Biology Lunch Bunch

Fall 2017

Fridays 12:20 in Coker 215 (unless noted)

Date Speaker Lab/Host Topic
Aug 25 Meet and Greet
Sept 1 Alissa Brown Plant Ecology lab Tree coexistence and diversity in temperate forests
Sept 8 Vanessa Bezy Lohmann lab Unraveling the mystery of mass nesting sea turtles in Costa Rica
Sept 15 Aaron Cocoran Hedrick lab Flight Ecomechanics: Lessons from Bats and Birds
Sept 22 Kriti Sharma Shank lab Extracellular enzymes and microbially-mediated decomposition in soils
Sept 29 Lewis Naisbett-Jones Lohmann lab A magnetic map sense in European eels
Oct 6 Nick Levis D. Pfennig lab Plasticity-first evolution in nature
Oct 13 Rafael Guerrero Indiana University, Matute host The bookends of speciation: Locally adapted rearrangements and hybrid incompatibilities
Oct 20 Brad Dickerson Caltech, Burmeister and Hedrick labs, hosts The Neuromechanics of Gyroscopic Sensing
Oct 27 Aaron Comeault Matute lab Adaptation to local climates in the three species of the Drosophila yakuba species group
Nov 3 Josef Uyeda Virginia Tech, Vision Host The macroevolutionary dynamics of adaptive landscapes
Nov 10

(in GSB 1377)

Robert Ventura Burmeister lab Evolutionary sex differences in learning in the túngara frog
Nov 17 Yaniv Brandvain Matute lab host Speciation by a shift in mating system
Nov 24 Thanksgiving Break
Dec 1 Gina Calabrese K. Pfennig lab Diversity in mate preferences and signals among Spadefoot toad populations

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio (servedio[at]

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