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Copepods (Tigriopus californicus) (Chris Willett lab) photo credit: Ryuji Machida

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Biology Lunch Bunch


Spring 2019

Fridays 12:20 in Coker 215 (unless noted)

Date Speaker Lab/Host Topic
Jan 11 Jennifer Coughlan Matute lab Parental conflict, parent of origin effects, and the evolution of hybrid seed failure in Mimulus
Jan 18 Sarah Longo Martin lab host The evolution of power amplification: Lessons from pistol shrimp and pivoting fish
Jan 25 Luke Havens Lohmann lab A novel, automated approach to electroretinography
Feb 1 Kayla Goforth Lohmann lab Formation of Foraging Ground Attachments in Sea Turtles
Feb 8 Emily Meineke Kingsolver lab host Herbivory through the ages: Novel methods reveal how global change affects plant-herbivore interactions
Feb 15 Paul Gabrielson Sequencing 18th and 19th C seaweed specimens: historical vignettes about specimens, expeditions and collectors
Feb 22 EEOB Recruitment Lightning talks Grace DiCecco, Tanner Fadero, Nick Levis, Lewis Naisbett-Jones, and Kayleigh O’Keeffe
March 1 Catherine Chen K. Pfennig lab Female mate choice and its evolutionary implications for hybridization
March 8 Michelle St. John Martin lab The cascading effects of novelty
March 15 Spring Break
March 22 Laura Mudge Bruno lab Long term trends of tropical storm impacts on coral reef communities
March 29 Laura Miller Overview of experiments with fluids and organisms in the Miller lab
April 5 Emilie Richards Martin lab The role of adaptive gene flow in a microendemic radiation of trophic specialist Caribbean pupfishes
April 12 Patrick Kelly D. Pfennig lab, K. Pfennig lab Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Phenotypic Plasticity
April 19 Break
April 26 Jeeyun Lee Willett lab Quantifying unexpected paternal mitochondrial DNA leakage in copepod inter-population hybrids

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio (servedio[at]

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