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Long-finned Squid (Doryteuthis pealeii) Bill Kier Lab

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Biology Lunch Bunch


Fall 2018

Fridays 12:20 in Coker 215 (unless noted)

Date Speaker Lab/Host Topic
Aug 31 Meet and Greet
Sept 7 David Rasmussen, NCSU Mitchell lab host Phylodynamics for a world of rapidly adapting pathogens
Sept 14 Cancelled (weather)
Sept 21 Anna Parker Kingsolver lab Effects of lodgepole pine cone morphology and serotiny on survival and selection
Sept 28 Elizabeth Moore Kingsolver lab Lose/Lose Scenario: High Average and Fluctuating Temperatures Result in Parasitoid Death, but Fail to Save their Insect Hosts
Oct 5 Meggan Alston Willett lab The ghost of temperature past: interaction of previous and current thermal conditions on gene expression in Manduca sexta
Oct 12

(in GSB 1377)

Dachin Frances Tucker lab The effects of warming on freshwater insects: individual to community responses
Oct 19 Fall Break
Oct 26 Emme Bruns, UVA Mitchell Lab host Disease transmission and resistance evolution in natural populations: insights from a model plant system
Nov 2 Aaron Corcoran Hedrick lab Sensory and Aerial Ecology of Bats and Birds: Linking Physiology and Ecology
Nov 9 Alissa Brown Safe Spaces Committee What has the Biology Department learned about abuses of power?”
Nov 16 Aimee Deconinck Willett lab Caterpillar behavioral response to temperature extremes
Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Nov 30
Meredith Cenzer Matute lab Plasticity in reproductive isolating mechanisms

Lunch Bunch Seminar organizer and contact: Dr. Maria Servedio (servedio[at]

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