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Robert K. Peet


Contact Information

Office: 413 Coker Hall
Email: peet[at]
Office Phone: (919) 962-6942
Lab Phone: (919) 962-6934

Peet Lab Website


Curriculum for the Environment and Ecology

Research Description

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Google Scholar Profile

Dr. Peet’s current major research efforts are focused on the vegetation of the Southeastern United States and include on-going studies of the long-term dynamics of Southeastern Piedmont forests, impacts of altered hydrology and siltation on floodplain ecosystems, compositional variation in fire-maintained Coastal Plain pinelands, and factors influencing the species diversity of terrestrial plant communities. He has a strong interest in bioinformatics as applied to ecology and systematics. He is also interested in scientific publication and particularly copyright policy and scholarly communication in the digital age.

Dr. Peet has contributed to the scientific community in numerous ways including serving as President of the International Association for Vegetation Science (2007-2011), Editor-in-Chief of Ecology and Ecological Monographs (1995-2000), founding the Journal of Vegetation Science and serving as Co-Editor-in-Chief for six years (19990-1995), organizing the Vegetation Section of the Ecological Society of America and the North American Chapter of the International Association for Vegetation Science, and serving as the Secretary of the Ecological Society of America. He is co-founder of the Ecological Society Vegetation Panel, and is directing its collaborative project with federal agencies and NatureServe to establish the information infrastructure needed to support the U.S. National Vegetation Classification.

Links to websites maintained by Prof. Peet and/or his research group: