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Alan Feduccia

S. K. Heninger Distinguished Professor (Emeritus)

Contact Information

Office: 216 Wilson Hall
Email: feduccia[at]
Office Phone: (919) 962-3050

Research Description

At a Glance

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Vertebrate Evolution and Systematics
  • Avian Evolution and Paleontology
  • Conservation Biology

Curriculum vitae |   Biography   |  Selected Articles  |  Book Covers  |  Journal Covers

Journal of Ornithology-2015 (Propatagium)

Topsy-turvy phylogeny-2015

Journal of Ornithology-2014 (Archosaur)

Cretaceous Research-2014

The Auk-2013

New Scientist- 2012

Proceedings of the Royal Society-2007

 Journal of Morphology-2005

Trends in Ecology and Evolution-2003




Alan Feduccia’s research centers on the origin and early evolution of flight, feathers, and endothermy. He is also interested in the evolution of birds through the Tertiary, the origins of flightlessness and the evolution of other morphological specializations in the world avifauna, and avian systematics in general.