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Steele Building Advisors for BIOL

College of Arts and Sciences Advisors working with majors in the Division of Natural Science and Mathematics are available to verify overall graduation requirements. They are located on the 2nd floor of Steele Building.  These advisors provide the official word on curriculum matters. Please make an appointment with an advisor by going to

Please note that Biology Advisor Dr Gidi Shemer (2015D Steele) is available for Biology advising in Steele Building one day a week.  He will not consult on general education matters, but will be happy to help with biology-related issues.

The members of the Natural Science (includes Biology) and Mathematics Advising Group in Steele Building are:

Advisors:  Mary-Charles Barrett (2008 Steele), N. Nicole Cobb (2003 Steele), Jamie Corcoran (2017B Steele), Deb Graczyk (2015B Steele), Tony Hanson (2007 Steele), Michael Jahn (2017C Steele), Kathleen McNeil (2005 Steele), Dexter Robinson (2015C Steele), Jamie Samples (2007 Steele)

Faculty Advisors:  Dr. Todd Austell (2017D Steele), Dr. Marcus Collins (2015D Steele), Dr. Beth Jordan (2015D Steele), Dr Julie Page (2015D Steele), Dr. Joy Renner (2015D Steele), Dr Gidi Shemer (2015D Steele)

Deans:  Dr Marilyn Wyrick, Senior Assistant Dean (2011 Steele), Dr Spencer Welborn, Assistant Dean (2018 Steele), Dr Beth Shuster, Assistant Dean (2002 Steele)

Worksheets for Biology and other majors can be found on the Academic Advising website:

Health Profession Advising

Special advising programs for Heath professions such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine and other allied heath professions can be found in Steele Building. More complete information is on this website:

Connect Carolina

Students are encouraged to access Connect Carolina for information about grades, eligibility and registration. Consult “Tar Heel Tracker” to double check your academic progress. Caution: Do not rely on Tar Heel Tracker as your sole method of verifying your academic progress. A final analysis of your courses and how they meet the graduation requirements must be completed by a member of the Senior Advising Team located in Steele building prior to graduation.  You can pull an unofficial copy of your transcript: Student instructions – how to pull transcript


Petitions regarding dropping courses past the deadline, medical leaves, and academic probation must issued by a Dean in Academic Advising or Full-time advisor. For more information: