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Tuesdays, 12:30 p.m.
(Zoom links shared by email, or contact host for link)

This seminar series is intended for UNC Biology Majors and those working in Biology labs. Applications from other Triangle-area colleges and universities will be considered upon request.

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9/8/20Dr. Zachary NimchukControl of plant development by peptide signaling pathwaysUNC Chapel HillDr. Joeseph Kieber
9/15/20Dr. Senay YitbarekPopulation-level consequences of spatial networks: Species coexistence and implications for eco-evolutionary feedbacksUNC Chapel HillDr. Charles Mitchell
9/17/20Dr. Amy MaddoxRiding the waves of cell shape in division and oogenesisUNC Chapel HillDr. Mark Peifer
9/22/20Dr. Jonathan LevineUnderstanding species responses to climate change: the role of population and community ecologyPrincetonDr. Allen Hurlbert
9/29/20Dr. Gregg GundersonNucleo Cytoskeletal Coupling in Cell Migration, Epithelia Formation and DiseaseColumbia UniversityDr. Steve Rogers
10/13/20Dr. Bill BementThe excitable cell cortexUniv. Wisconsin, MadisonDr. Amy Maddox
10/20/20Dr. Parul JohriThe role of non-adaptive processes in shaping genomic variationArizona StateDr. Daniel Matute and Dr. Kerry Bloom
10/27/20Dr. Sarah Diamond(Mal)-Adaptation to CitiesCase WesternBGSA, Anna Parker
11/10/20Dr. Bryan DewburyUniversity of Rhode IslandSSC, Luke Havens
11/17/20Dr. Barbara WebbUniversity of EdinburghDr. Brian Taylor
11/24/20Dr. Arnaud MartinGenetics of color pattern and evolution in butterfliesGeorge Washington UniversityDr. Todd Vision
12/1/20Dr. Stephanie PalmerHow behavioral and evolutionary constraints sculpt early visual processingUniversity of ChicagoDr. Bradley Dickerson