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The Senior Honors Program in Biology has two primary components:

  1. Students participate in undergraduate research (BIOL 395) with a Biology faculty, postdoc, or graduate student as their research mentor within a related discipline. The conclusion of their research work will be exhibited in a poster presented in the Genome Sciences Building lobby, as well as a final abstract summarizing their research.
  2. Students complete 692H, the culmination of their previous semesters of research – a written thesis (minimum of 10 pages), participation in the Koeppe Biology Honors Symposium, as well as an oral examination. The BIOL 395 undergraduate research paper/poster serves as the first draft in this process.

Enrollment in the honors program is not restricted to those who have participated in UNC Honors Carolina.

Apply for Honors Program in Biology

Eligibility for the Honors Program requires:

  • An overall cumulative GPA of at least 3.3
  • A Biology GPA of at least 3.3 based on grades from your current semester
  • In process or completion of 3 credit hours of BIOL 395
  • Thesis statement, to be submitted with your BIOL 692H application

To apply, submit your Honors Program application to Summer Montgomery –

  • If you are graduating in December, you must submit your application by 5:00 p.m., Friday, April 14th 
  • If you are graduating in May, you must submit your application by 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, November 15th

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I calculate my GPA?
Log into Connect Carolina and go to GPA Calculator. Complete your Bio grade/hours (look at your course history to calculate your grades/hours). Click on green calculate button. A popup box will appear – your Bio GPA is the top number, your Cumulative GPA is the bottom number.
More about the Koeppe Biology Honors Symposium
The Department of Biology has been proud to showcase our undergraduate’s research at the John K. Koeppe Undergraduate Honors Research Symposium since the middle 1980s.
This symposium is held twice a year – in November during the fall semester and in April during the spring semester. BIOL 692H students give an oral presentation/defense of their research for their Senior Honors Thesis in Biology. Dr. Amy Shaub Maddox is our Biology Honors Director. These events are free and open to the public!
Honors Courses in Biology
The Honors courses listed below are not offered every semester.  Check the current course listings in Connect Carolina.  No Honors classes are offered in Summer School.  All honors classes (except 395H and 692H) are controlled by the Honors Office – this includes the waitlist.

BIOL 101H – offered Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 201H – offered Spring only – subject to change

BIOL 202H – offered in Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 205H – offered in Fall or Spring – subject to change

BIOL 224H – offered every odd-numbered spring starting in Spring 2017

BIOL 294H – not offered on a regular basis

BIOL 395H – offered Fall & Spring  – Must take 395H class in addition to research

BIOL 514H – offered Fall only – subject to change

BIOL 526H – offered Fall only (even years) – subject to change

BIOL 565H – offered Spring only – subject to change

BIOL 692H – offered Fall & Spring  – Must take class and present research orally at the Koeppe Biology Honors Research Symposium

Are there other honors opportunities at UNC?
You will find several options available within the university at the honors level:

  • Graduating with Distinction/Highest Distinction  – On your transcript under Degrees Awarded: Degree Honors: Distinction
  • Graduating with Honors/Highest Honors (BIOL 692H) – On your transcript under Degrees Awarded: Plan: Biology (BS) Highest Honors 1st Major
  • Honors/Highest Honors students will receive gold honor cords to wear with their graduation gown