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Congratulations to Drs. John Bruno and Margarita Brandt, of USFQ, for receiving a one million dollar grant from NSF for their research in the Galapagos islands! From the announcement: “UNC researcher Dr. John Bruno and Dr. Margarita Brandt of USFQ are partnering on a three year, one million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation to untangle the interactive roles of temperature, nutrient flux, and predation in structuring the Galapagos marine food web. The project is titled ‘Temperature Regulation of Top-Down Control in a Pacific Upwelling System’ and all work will take place at the Galapagos Science Center on San Cristobal, Galapagos. According to Brandt, ‘This new funding will allow us to understand the effect of temperature on the structure and the functioning of the Galapagos marine ecosystems.'” Congratulations!

Read more about the team and the grant here.

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