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Congratulations to Keith Sockman and Allen Hurlbert for the article on their Avian Biology class featured on the Endeavors webpage! The article lauds the associate professors for their emphasis on fieldwork as the class visits wildlife reserves across the state throughout the semester.

Keith Sockman‘s lab studies the causes and consequences of reproductive decisions. Birds are an excellent system for this topic because their decisions are often easy to observe and apply across a broad range of taxa and habitats.

Allen Hurlerbt‘s lab asks questions about the structure of ecological communities, and the processes that are responsible for determining the patterns of diversity, composition, turnover and relative abundance both within local assemblages and across the globe.

Endeavors is the online magazine of research and creative activity at UNC-Chapel Hill. Endeavors (ISSN 1933-4338) is published by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Read the article here.

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