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The Biology Department at UNC-Chapel Hill consists of faculty, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and graduate students who are engaged in teaching and research spanning the full spectrum of contemporary life sciences, from genomics and molecular biology, to ecosystems and the biology of climate change. The breadth of our approach distinguishes the Biology Department at UNC-Chapel Hill from many biology departments across the country, which focus on one or more of the recognized sub-disciplines of Biology. Our faculty believe that interdisciplinary research and innovation are best achieved in a setting in which scholars with different areas of expertise are encouraged to interact. The synergism that arises from different research approaches and perspectives is, we believe, indispensable to solving the most difficult scientific, health, and environmental problems in the 21st century.We are proud to be one of UNC’s top departments and attribute our success to the quality of our faculty, their deep commitment to research, scholarship and teaching.