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The Department of Biology offers the following degree options as a major or 2nd major: Bachelor of Arts (BA), Bachelor of Science (BS), and a Quantitative Track Bachelor of Science. We also offer a minor in biology.

The quantitative track Bachelor of Science program is designed for students with a strong interest in a multidisciplinary approach to biological problems in preparation for graduate study in biological or health sciences.

Only courses with 3 or more credit hours will count as biology electives toward the major/minor or as allied sciences.


  • BIOL 101/101L (gateway course, with a C grade or better in BIOL 101)
  • BIOL 201, 202, and 205 (core courses for biology majors)
  • Two laboratory courses. One must be a quantitative laboratory chosen from BIOL 224H/L, 226/L, 525/L, 526H, 527/L or 528/L, 553/L (renumbered from 452/L), 562, OR 563. The other can be any biology laboratory course, including two semesters of BIOL 395, or one semester of 395 + one semester of 692H.
  • A choice of three biology electives, of which at least two quantitative electives must be chosen from BIOL 214H, 224H/L*, 226/L*, 431, 454, 465, 525/L*, 526H*, 527/l, 528/L*, 534, 542, 551, 553/L*, 562*, 563*, 642 or COMP555 (*asterisked courses cannot count as both a quantitative laboratory and a quantitative elective).


  • BIOS 600 or STOR 155
  • CHEM 102/102L and 261
  • COMP 110 or 116 or 401 (other alternatives- BMME201, PHYS331, MATH566).
  • MATH 233
  • PHYS 114 and 115, or 118 and 119
  • A choice of two allied sciences electives or additional biology courses numbered above 205 (not including 213, 291, 292, 293, 296, 495, and 692H). Premedical students are encouraged to take CHEM 241/241L and 262/262L
  • Students must fulfill all General Education requirements (Foundations, Approaches, and Connections) with these restrictions and additions:
    1. Foundations: Foreign language: through level 3
    2. Foundations: Quantitative reasoning: MATH 231 and MATH 232
    3. Approaches: Physical and life sciences: CHEM 101 and CHEM 101L
    4. Enough free electives to accumulate 127 academic hours
    5. At least 18 credit hours of C or better in Biology courses. Note that only biology courses that count toward the major can fulfill this requirement, and that BIOL 101 does not count toward this requirement.


First Year

BIOL 101/101L; CHEM 101/101L, 102/102L; ENGL 101, 102; language levels 2, 3; MATH  231, 232; lifetime fitness; Approaches (two courses)

Sophomore Year

Two of three biology core courses (201, 202, 205); BIOS 600 or STOR 155; CHEM 261, 262 if premed; COMP 116 or 401;  MATH 233; Approaches (one course)

Junior Year

Remaining biology core course; Two biology electives including one quantitative laboratory; PHYS 114 and 115, or 118 and 119

Approaches and Connections (three courses)

Senior Year

Second biology laboratory course; Biology electives (two courses); allied sciences elective (CHEM 241/241L/262L if premed); Approaches and Connections; electives to accumulate 127 academic hours.