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Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Arts Allied Sciences Courses Quantitative Track Biology Minor  
Allied Science Electives (BA majors must take 4 allied science courses and BS majors must take 2.)
Please note that if you found a course that is not on the list but you believe that it might fulfill an allied science requirement, email the faculty advisor, Dr. Gidi Shemer, and forward the syllabus of this course.

143: Human Evolution and Adaptation

148: Human Origins

315: Human Genetics and Evolution

317: Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Adaptation and Behavior

318: Human Growth and Development

412: Paleoanthropology

414: Laboratory Methods: Human Osteology

415: Laboratory Methods: Zooarcheology

416: Bioarcheology

470: Medicine and Anthropology

623: Human Disease Ecology

Any course above BIOL 101, except BIOL 213, 291, 292, 294, 296 and 495
Biomedical Engineering
510 Biomaterials
Any course
Any course above CHEM 101
Computer Science
Any course above COMP 101 except COMP 380
Environmental Studies (ENEC) formerly ECOL/ESNT
202: Intro to the Environmental Sciences
256: Mountain Biodiversity
403: Envr Chem Processes
406: Atmospheric Processes II
410: Earth Processes in Envr. Sys.
411: Oceanic Processes
415: Environmental Systems Modeling
471: Human Estuarine Impacts
489: Ecological Processes
Exercise and Sport Science
175: Anatomoy
276: Physiology
110: The Blue Planet: Intro to Earth Envr. Sys.
111: Weather and Climate
112: Environmental Conservation
253: Intro to Atmospheric Processes
445: Medical Geography
Any courses above GEOL 100
Marine Sciences
Any course above MASC 100
Any course above MATH 110, except MATH 129P
251: Elementary Medical Microbiology
255: Elementary Pathogenic Microbiology
240: Introduction to Human Nutrition
155: Introduction Symbolic Logic
Physics and Astronomy
Any course above PHYS 99 or ASTR 99, except PHYS 132
202 Introduction to Physiology
101: General Psychology
210: Statistical Principles of Psyc. Resesarch
220: Biopsychology
222: Learning
225: Sensation and Perception
230: Cognitive Psychology
400: Conditioning and Learning
401: Animal Behavior
402: Advanced Biospychology
403: Advanced Biopsychology Lab
Statistics and Operations Research
Any course above STOR 151
Speech and Hearing Sciences
570: Anatomy and Physiology of Speech, Language, and Hearing Mechanisms