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In order to keep our department running smoothly, there are some streamlined policies that are to be observed by all faculty, staff, postdocs, and students. If you have any questions about the following policies, please see your immediate supervisor.


The departmental copy machine is located in Coker 217. Every course (lab, recitation, and lecture section) that has a TA is responsible for completing copies for that course – all exams, syllabi, course materials, etc. If an instructor does not have an assigned TA, that instructor is either responsible for making their own copies, or can submit a request for copies 48 business hours in advance to Trisha Brittenham in Coker 203 (Cottie Pasternak’s old office).

Copy requests submitted with less than 48 hours notice may not be fulfilled.

FedEx Shipping

All shipping requests must be submitted through your lab managers. If you are a lab manager and you need FedEx access and training, please contact Amy Butcher. IF you need assistance with shipping, all requests must be submitted to Trisha Brittenham by 2:30 p.m.