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UNC-Chapel Hill CV-19 Dashboard

UNC-CH is no longer sending alert notifications for COVID-19 clusters on campus. To stay abreast of the latest numbers and cluster areas, please consult the UNC-Chapel Hill CV-19 Dashboard or the Covid-19 Cluster Notification page

Community Protective Equipment

CPE (Community Protective Equipment) primarily includes disposable non-surgical 3-layer face masks, hand sanitizer, and ethanol/alcohol wipes. The University is providing these items to faculty, research labs, graduate students, and employees. Employee and student kits will also be provided which will include 2 cloth masks, a basic thermometer, a personal bottle of hand sanitizer, and a c[/eommunications card.

Items such as face shields cannot be ordered through the university. If you request a face mask, this must be ordered separately by emailing Trish Brittenham. Please note that face shields are NOT a replacement for face masks. For more information, please full review the university’s Guidelines for Face Masks

Items are ordered and delivered on a bi-weekly basis. Our staff are working hard to distribute CPE in a timely manner following delivery from central receiving. Please note that some central inventory of these items may periodically run low, and not all requested quantities can be delivered in this case. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact our departmental CPE Coordinator Lori Shamblin

Community Standards

The university has established Community Standards that all faculty, staff and students are expected to follow. Please make sure to fully review these standards, and share them with your individual unit stakeholders.

    All graduate and undergraduate students were expected to sign an acknowledgement of these standards prior to returning to campus.

As a part of the Community Standards, the university has written and shared specific Guidelines for Face Masks. You are strongly encouraged to fully review these guidelines and share them with your individual unit stakeholders.


To report issues related to COVID-19, such as overcrowded classrooms, or general failures to adhere to the community guidelines, please consider downloading the Carolina Ready Safety App.

Buildings and Wayfinding


    Academic buildings are unlocked from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

    Our non-academic research buildings/areas will remain inaccessible to students and the general public. This includes Fordham Hall, and floors 2-4 of Genome Sciences Building. The Biology Department is not responsible for decisions regarding building accesses – these decisions were made at the university level by Facilities and University Police.

    If you have any questions or if you need access to these spaces, please contact Lori Shamblin who can route the request through the appropriate channels.


    University Facilities, in cooperation with Environment, Health and Safety, have installed wayfinding signs in all academic buildings. This is to allow for safe building access and travel through hallways as students come and go from face-to-face classes.


    You are not REQUIRED to follow the directions indicated on these signs when traveling between buildings or interior spaces outside of class change times. During normal non-class change hours, you can travel between buildings and interior spaces as you like. Please be considerate and responsible when doing so.

    If you have any questions about sign placement, or need to request a change to sign location(s), please contact Lori Shamblin who can route the request through the appropriate channels.

If You Get Sick

University guidance pertaining to symptom reporting can be found under the Health and Wellness section of Carolina Together.


    There is a COVID-19 Wellness Self-Check that all faculty, staff, researchers and student employees can take before coming into work or the lab. It is encouraged that you send this link out to everyone in your individual units.

    If anyone reports experiencing symptoms, they must immediately contact their health care provider. Any decisions about returning to work timelines will be discussed in concert with the provider and supervisor, and dependent upon any testing and results.

    Please visit Carolina Together for more information on testing and tracing
    EHS/UEOHC does provide return to work guidance for positives by phone or via the COVID-19 Wellness Self-Report web application.

Visit RECAP if you or your trainees would be interested in participating in a Return to Campus COVID-19 Assessment Project research study. The study will involve regular testing and antibodies testing.

Wellness Resources During COVID-19

Please visit the Work Life & Wellness Programs section of the UNC-Chapel Hill HR website for valuable COVID-19 related wellness resources.

University Travel Guidelines

Please visit Carolina Together: Travel Guidelines for up to date university guidelines specific to faculty research, graduate student research, and guest speaker travel.

Communicable Disease and Mandatory Employees

In the event of a university closure, the only people permitted on campus are designated Communicable Disease and Mandatory Employees. Jennifer Mackey and Kenlyn Merritt have provided a form for faculty, postdocs, and graduate students.

Space/Facilities Issues/Work Orders

If you have any urgent issues or concerns you can email Jason.

Faculty Meetings

All faculty meetings during fall 2020 will be held via Zoom. Information will be sent through the faculty email listserv.

Thesis Committee Meetings/Exams

These should continue as scheduled via virtual teleconferencing/Zoom


We understand those who are not comfortable using public transportation. Parking and Transportation are aware of these concerns and they are working to find solutions. For faculty, staff and students who have parking permmits, the new permit year began on August 1st. There will be options for reduced permitting fees for those who are not on campus for more than 3 days per week. Please check the Parking & Transportation website daily for updates. As a department we are not able to provide any temporary parking at this time. If you have any questions that are not addressed on the Parking & Transportation website, please contact our departmental parking coordinators Trish Brittenham and Tosha Furphy.

US Mail & Shipping/Receiving

SHIPPING & RECEIVING: FedEx and UPS are resuming their normal delivery schedules now that buildings have re-opened. Regular FedEx pick-ups should resume the week of August 17th. If you have any questions about pick-ups or deliveries, please contact our Administrative Support Associate, Trish Brittenham. FedEx shipping supplies can be found on the rear side of the center mailboxes near the window in our mailroom (Coker 208A).

US MAIL: University mail services have resumed normal operations.