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Congratulations to current Dangl lab post-doc co-first author Oliver Furzer (pictured), who along with former Dangl lab post-doc and co-first author Freddy Monteiro and co-author Marc Nishimura published this week paper in Cell titled ‘A species-wide inventory of NLR gene alleles in Arabidopsis thaliana.’ This work was a collaboration with Detlef Weigel’s lab in Tuebingen, Germany, and Jonathan Jones’ lab in Norwich, UK. The paper defined a near saturation set of the key intracellular immune receptors, called NLRs, across the genetic diversity of the key reference plant species. Their results will provide a blueprint for functional studies of existing receptors and rational design of novel receptors, as well as a blueprint for similar studies in crops and management of dangerous crop diseases by rational deployment of naturally evolved receptor alleles. READ MORE >>

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