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UNC Biology’s Zachary Nimchuk lab has two new publications in Current Biology both looking at how peptide signaling in plants controls auxin-mediated development. One of the studies was led by Nimchuk lab postdoc Daniel Jones and graduate student Amala John.

Highlights from “CLAVATA Signaling Ensures Reproductive Development in Plants across Thermal Environments”: “CLAVATA (CLV) signaling mediates continuous flower outgrowth in Arabidopsis thaliana; CLAVATA2/CORYNE function alongside CIK-family co-receptors; CLV signaling promotes auxin-mediated floral primordia growth in colder temperatures; High temperatures bypass CLV signaling, upregulating auxin through ELF3.”

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Highlights from “Auxin-Regulated Reversible Inhibition of TMK1 Signaling by MAKR2 Modulates the Dynamics of Root Gravitropism”: “MAKR2 is co-expressed with PIN2 and regulates the pace of root gravitropism; MAKR2 controls PIN2 asymmetric accumulation at the root level during gravitropism; MAKR2 binds to and is a negative regulator of the TMK1 receptor kinase; Auxin antagonizes the MAKR2 inhibition of TMK1 by delocalizing MAKR2 in the cytosol.”

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