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Biology Ph.D. student Kayla Goforth has been quoted in an article for Nature World News for her work on an article with Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor Kenneth Lohmann! Congratulations Kayla and Kenneth!

The referenced article was originally published in Current Biology: Current Biology a biweekly peer-reviewed scientific journal that covers all areas of biology, especially molecular biology, cell biology, genetics, neurobiology, ecology, and evolutionary biology and has been a part of Cell Press since 2001. Kayla and Kenneth’s article is titled “Odors from marine plastic debris elicit foraging behavior in sea turtles.”

Kayla is a member of Kenneth’s lab and studies the development of foraging ground fidelity in sea turtles, migration patterns of long-distance marine migrants, and geomagnetic imprinting and natal homing. Kenneth‘s research focuses on geomagnetic imprinting and natal homing in sea turtles, salmon, and other long-distance ocean migrants, use of Earth’s magnetic field in navigation by animals, the physics, neuroscience, and genes underlying magnetic field detection, neuroethology and sensory ecology, and conservation physiology, biodiversity, and Galapagos megafauna.

Read the Nature World News article HERE and the Current Biology article HERE

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