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Delaney O’Connell, a Ph.D. student in Brian Taylor’s lab, has been featured in the Journal of Theoretical Biology. “A computational framework for studying energetics and resource management in sea turtle migration and autonomous systems” is O’Connell’s first publication as a graduate student. Congratulations, Delaney!

Some of the article’s highlights include, “Evaluated migration performance for a variety of tracking tags, demonstrates the effects of tracking tags on the ability to navigate and forage, demonstrates energy usage and path efficiency for different tracking tags, findings and software can aid in development of field work studies.” The paper also features collaborations with four principal investigators: UNC Biology’s Brian Taylor, Susan Piacenza (Department of Biology – University of West Florida), Joseph Piacenza (Mechanical Engineering – University of West Florida), and John Faller II (Computer Engineering Program – California State University: Fullerton).

Read the full article here.

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