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The Daily Tar Heel published an article about students’ favorite classes from the fall 2020 semester as the last day of classes is Tuesday, November 16. UNC Biology’s own Professor Lillian Zwemer was featured as one of the favorite professors from this semester.

From the article: “Ritika Desai, a sophomore neuroscience major, said her favorite class was Biology 202: Molecular Biology and Genetics with professor Lillian Zwemer. She said she appreciated Zwemer’s accommodating attitude and use of… online resources to make learning as easy as possible. “I find myself adopting new perspectives and problem-solving strategies,” Desai said. Zwemer said many of the strategies she used this semester were thought up by the biology department as a group over the summer. She said even though she had to cut some of the content of the course to accommodate the fall semester’s shorter schedule, the online format of the class can be just as good — if not better — for some students. “I think for a certain type of student, like a student who learns a certain way, it’s a very good fit,” Zwemer said. “But I think not every student learns that well.” She said in an email that one of her main priorities this semester was to build a sense of community among her students by holding weekly group office hours where students can ask questions and engage with each other in a relaxed environment. She encouraged students to send her pictures of their pets or the people in their lives to share with the rest of the class during these sessions.”

To read the full article and see some of the other featured classes and professors, click here:

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