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Deciding to Submit a Report:

This reporting system is intended to support communication of harassment or interpersonal conflict, grievance or challenge at the University.

Before submitting this form, please determine if your situation should be directly reported to the Title IX office for sexual harassment or the EOC office for harassment related to age, disability, genetic information, national origin, race, religion, sex [gender, gender expression, gender identity, or sexual orientation], or veteran status. The report forms for Title IX are at Safe @ UNC and for EOC is at The Equal Opportunity and Compliance website. If we receive a report that definitively falls under Title IX or EOC, it will be communicated to those offices.

If you do not think that your situation falls under any of these descriptions but it is still interfering with your work, the Biology department offers the following reporting structure. Please complete and submit the form below. If you would be more comfortable downloading a printable copy and sending it via US or campus mail, click here, and send the form to ATTN: Business Manager, Department of Biology, 206 Coker Hall, 120 South Road, CB#3280, UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280. To see the reporting flow which will direct your form dependent upon your responses or circumstance, please see the reporting flowchart. If your situation involves a member of the grievance committee, that person will be recused from the processing of the form. The outcomes of this report will be determined based on the specifics of the case and what information can be communicated to relevant parties. A goal of this process is to facilitate healthy communication within research and teaching groups. Ideal outcomes will involve new modes of behavior through awareness, training, and practice.

Please click here to access the ONYEN-protected form.

All entries are completely anonymous, unless the reportee chooses to provide contact information.