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NameYearDegreeDissertation/Thesis Title Current PositionAdvisor
Lu, Zhipeng
2014Ph.D.Comprehensive analysis of eukaryotic Sm-associated ribonucleoprotein complexes
Assistant Professor, University of Southern California
Meiners, Matthew2014Ph.D.The mechanism of modulation of the Escherichia coli DNA helicase II (UvrD) unwinding activity, a study of the 2B subdomainDirector of Production and Operations at EpiCypher IncMatson
Cox, Courtney2014Ph.D.Evaluating strategies for restoring parrotfish populations in BelizeDirector of Applied Marine Science at RareBruno
Dhole, Sumit2014Ph.D.Evolution of reproductive traits under pre-and post-mating sexual selectionPostdoctoral Scholar in Mathematical Biology, North Carolina State UniversityServedio
Garcia, Nicholas2014M.S.Leptin's effects on amphibian sexual behaviorUniversity of Iowa Health Care, Research AssistantBurmeister
Harunaga, Jill2014Ph.D.Cell and matrix dynamics during branching morphogenesisPostdoctoral Scholar, Research Associate, University of Southern California, Craniofacial Molecular BiologyYamada
Higgins, Jessica2014Ph.D.Rapid evolution and population divergence in response to environmental change in Colias butterliesAssociate Programmer at Nuventra Pharma SciencesKingsolver
Nowotarski, Stephanie2014Ph.D.Roles and interactions of enabled, diaphanous and capping protein in regulation of actin structures in Drosophila developmentPostdoctoral Researcher, The Stowers Institute, Alejandro Sanchez Alvarado's labPeifer
Slevin, Lauren
2014Ph.D.A structural study of conserved centriole duplication machineryGenetic Counselor, SwedishSlep
Valdivia-Acosta, Abel2014Ph.D.Fish assemblages of caribbean coral reefs: Effects of overfishing on coral communities under climate changeOcean Scientist, Center for Biological DiversityBruno
Bono, Lisa2015Ph.D.Competition and the evolution of novel resource use: An experimental test of a virusPostdoctoral Associate, Yale University, Paul Turner's labBurch
MacLean, Heidi Joan2015Ph.D.Adaptation to climate and climate change in Rocky Mountain butterflies: Morphology, physiology, and behaviorPostdoctoral Researcher at Aarhus University (Denmark), Department of Bioscience-ZoophysiologyKingsolver
Olszewski, Julia2015M.S.Obliquely-striated muscle is not just for super-elongationTeacher, East Boston High SchoolKier
Pelton, John
2015Ph.D.Multiple endothelial cells constitute the tip of developing blood vessels and polarize to promote lumen formationInstructor of Science, Sacred Heart Cathedral PrepatoryBautch
Grode, Kyle
2015Ph.D.Identification of the molecular determinants for regulation of microtubule severing by kataninBiosciences Sales Specialist, Nikon InstrumentsRogers
Kurth, Jessica
2015Ph.D.The effects of body size on soft-bodied burrowersBiological Researcher, Teva PharmaceuticalsKier
Schmidt, Emily2015Ph.D.An analysis of individual variation in behaviorBiology teacher at the Bronx High School of Science Pfennig, K.
Trogden, Kathryn2015Ph.D.TOG proteins are spatially regulated by Rac-GSK3β to control interphase microtubule dynamicsPostdoctoral Fellow at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Cell and Developmental Biology, Kaverina LabRogers
Aldredge, Rob2015Ph.D.Examining the causes and consequences of variation in offspring growth and survival in an altricial birdBiologist at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSockman
Lima, Thiago2015Ph.D.Local adaptation and reproductive isolation in the copepod Tigriopus californicusSenior Scientist, Digital ProteomicsWillet
Adamson, Joel2015M.S.The evolution of age-dependent sexual signalsFreelance Writer: Fiction, Science, Mathematics and StatisticsServedio
Carr, Lindsey2016Ph.D.Effects of spatiotemporal variation on benthic community dynamics in the Galapagos IslandsUnknownBruno
Coyle, Jessica2016Ph.D.Trait-based inference of environmental constraints on lichen epiphyte communities at multiple spatial scalesAssistant Professor, Saint Mary's College of CaliforniaHurlbert
Hung, Chao-Wei2016Ph.D.Regulation of membrane traffic by intrinsic and extrinsic mechanismsPostdoc, University of California, San DiegoDuncan
Higgins, Christopher2016Ph.D.Investigating molecular mechanisms underlying morphogenetic cell shape changeManager, Contracts and Proposals at Nuventra Pharma SciencesGoldstein
Ladouceur, Anne-Marie2016Ph.D.Molecular mechanisms regulating chromosome size scaling during C. elegans early embryonic developmentMicroscopy Specialist, Advanced BioImaging Facility, McGill UniversityMaddox, P
Lyons, Susan2016Ph.D.Behavioral and monoaminergic responses to the social environment throughout the life of a songbird (Melospiza lincolnii)Science Content Specialist, Measurement IncorporatedSockman
Peck, Kayla2016Ph.D.Characterizing the biochemical determinants governing MERS-coronavirus host rangePostdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, Lauring LabBurch
Sligar, Laura2016M.A.UnknownProperty Management, Louise Beck PropertiesPfennig, K.
Shanks, Carly2017Ph.D.The Mechanism of Type-A Arabidopsis Response Regulators in Cytokinin Signaling In Arabidopsis thalianaPostdoctoral Researcher, New York UniversityKieber
Greeter, Jeremy2017Ph.D.Damping at Every Turn: Maneuvers and Stability in the Free Flight of Hawkmoth Manduca SextaCommercialization Manager, Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryHedrick
Heckman, Robert2017Ph.D.Influences of Natural Enemies and Resource Availability in Biological Invasions by PlantsPostdoctoral Fellow, Department of Integrative Biology, University of Texas-Austin, Dr. Juenger's labMitchell
Liu, Yuxiang2017Ph.D.Comparative Analyses of Spatial Cognition in FrogsPostdoc, University of Texas Southwestern Medical CenterBurmeister
Kennedy, Leslie
2017Ph.D.The TBX20-CASZ1 Interaction Provides Mechanistic Insight for Dilated Cardiomyopathy PathogenesisIndependent Research Scholar, National Heart, Lung, and Blood InstituteConlon
Heppert, Jennifer2017Ph.D.Investigating Mechanisms of Mitotic Spindle PositioningPostdoctoral Researcher, University of Tennessee KnoxvilleGoldstein
Tintori, Sophia2017Ph.D.The Initiation of Transcription and Gastrulation in the C. Elegans EmbryoPostdoctoral Research Fellow, New York University; Science FilmmakerGoldstein
Fletcher, Halliday2017Ph.D.The Community Ecology of Plant Parasites: From Coinfections to MetacommunitiesPostdoctoral Researcher, University of ZurichMitchell
Paxton, Avery
2018Ph.D.Species-Habitat Relationships and Community Structure of Reef Fishes Associated with Temperate Hardbottom Reefs of North Carolina, USAPostdoctoral Fellow, South-East Zoo Alliance for Reproduction and Conservation (SEZARC), visiting scholar at Duke Marine LabPeterson
Adikes, Rebecca2018Ph.D.The Regulation of Microtubule Dynamics by +Tips and Cross-linking ProteinsPostdoc fellow, Matus Lab, Stony Brook UniversitySlep
Brothers, Roger2018Ph.D.Population Level and Behavioral Investigations of Geomagnetic Imprinting and Natal Homing in Sea TurtlesPostdoctoral Research Associateship, National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationLohmann, K
Ernst, Dave2018Ph.D.Magnetoreception and Its Neural Basis in Spiny LobstersUniversity of Arkansas, Postdoctoral Fellow, Westerman Lab (Department of Biological SciencesLohmann, K
Yeh, Justin2018Ph.D.The Interaction Between Learning and SpeciationPostdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Department of Human Behavior, Ecology and CultureServedio
Augustine, Kate
2018Ph.D.Larval Nutrition, Temperature, and Geographic Divergence of Pieris ButterfliesPostdoc at Landcare Research, Auckland NZ (3 year position)Kingsolver
O'Brien, Rebecca2018M.S.Variation and Diversification in the Sexual Signals of Spadefoot ToadsPhD Student at Virginia Tech, Ashley Dayer lab; Department of Fish and Wildlife ConservationPfennig, K.
Samson, Julia2018Ph.D.The Fluid Dynamics of Collective Pulsing Behavior in Xeniid CoralsPostdoctoral researcher, Max Planck Department of Collective Behaviour (Germany)Miller
Ventura, Robert2018M.S.Sex Differences in Cue Use During Place Learning in Túngara FrogsEpiVax, Inc., Bioinformatics Project ManagerBurmeister
Bezy, Vanessa2019Ph.D.Mass Nesting in Olive Ridley Sea Turtles: Timing, Nearshore Behavior, and Possible Cues for Nesting SynchronizationTortuGuiones, and Wildlife Conservation Association--Founder and President of bothLohmann, K
Boudreau, Vincent2019Ph.D.Mitotic Regulation of Nuclear Assembly, Positioning and FunctionPostdoc (joint appointment)--U of Cali Berkeley (Niyogi lab) and U of Cali San Fran (Marshall lab)Maddox, P
de la Serna Buzon, Sofia2019Ph.D.Carry-Over Effects of Resource PolymorphismsResearch Assistant, Department of Cardiology at Boston Children's HospitalPfennig, K.
Langdon, Erin2019Ph.D.RNA-Protein Condensation Patterns the Cytosolic Landscape of a SyncytiumStrategic Alliance Manager at Broad Institute of MIT and HarvardGladfelter
Soyars, Cara2019Ph.D.Using CRISPR/CAS9 Genome Editing to Study CLE Peptide Ligands Regulating Arabidopsis DevelopmentThermo Fisher Scientific, Technical Sales Specialist in Synthetic Biology Nimchuk
O'Keeffe, Kayleigh2019Ph.D.Within-host Microbial Interactions and Plant Parasites: From Pairwise Interactions to the MicrobiomePost-doc, Evolution and Ecology of Disease Systems, Dr. Dustin Brisson lab, University of PennsylvaniaMitchell
Serrato-Capuchina, Antonio2019Ph.D.Exploring the Role of Transposable Elements in Reproductive IsolationPostdoctoral Fellow, Arnold Arboretum, Harvard UniversityMatute
Sharma, Kriti2019Ph.D.Illuminating Dark Matter: Light Microscopy and Raman Microspectroscopy Through Transparent Porous Media for Applications in Soil and Sediment Microbial EcologyPost-doc, Caltech, Victoria Orphan's labShank
Akcali, Christopher2019Ph.D.The Evolution of Coral Snake MimicryUnknownD. Pfennig
Brown, Alissa2019Ph.D.The Occurrence of Conspecific Negative Density Dependence in Temperate Forest Trees Varies by Species, Plant Traits, and Environmental ContextPostdoctoral Researcher, Morton ArboretumPeet/White
Poindexter, Derick
2019Ph.D.Comprehensive Systematic Approaches to Understanding Species Diversity: A Case Study Utilizing a Non-model Group of Sedges, Carex Sect. Acrocystis (Cyperaceae)Postdoctoral Researcher, UNC HerbariumWeakley
Rojas, Alison (Earley)2020Ph.D.Creating Genetic Waves: Investigating Genetic Mechanisms of Macrophage Activation and Microglia Development Using ZebrafishPostdoctoral Research Associate, UNC, Celia Shiau's labShiau
McGirr, Joe2020Ph.D.Genomic Changes Underlying Adaptive Traits and Reproductive Isolation Between Young Species of Cyprinodon PupfishesPostdoc, UC Davis, Andrew Whitehead's labMartin
Taylor, Sara (Snell)2020Ph.D.Understanding Species Distribution and Diversity: Insights from Temporal OccupancySenior Research Fellow, NoviSciHurlbert
Levis, Nicholas2020Ph.D.Plasticity-Led Evolution in NaturePostdoc, Indiana Univeristy, Erik RagsdaleD. Pfennig
Kelly, Audrey2020Ph.D.Variation and Hybridization in the Spadefoot Toads Spea multiplicata and Spea bombifronsResearch Engineering Scientist Associate in the Center for Biomedical Research Support, University of Texas at AustinK. Pfennig
Khatiwada, Sunil2020M.S.Quantity Discrimination in Poison Dart Frog (Dendrobates auratus)UnknownBurmeister
Mudge, Laura2020Ph.D.UnknownProject Scientist, Integral ConsultingBruno