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November 29, 2022 is Giving Tuesday, a day in which millions of people contribute to organizations that make a difference in our world.  Here in the Department of Biology at UNC, not only do we strive to make positive contributions through scientific discovery, we also strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.  We hope that we made a positive difference for you.

If we did, please take a moment to give back and/or to share your story with us:

1. Give back

Support the students who are following in your footsteps by making a donation to the Biology Department.

Double your donation! The first $2,000 donated on Giving Tuesday will be matched by a member of our faculty.  Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and will be used to advance student excellence in our department.



2. Share your Carolina story

Give a shout out to the students, faculty, or staff who helped you here at Carolina! How did we influence your career or life path? We’ll post your stories at the bottom of this page throughout the day on Giving Tuesday.
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Stories from current students

First year student, Thomas F., is isolating and identifying bacteria found in the UNC travel band instruments as part of our effort to develop new Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences for students in future semesters. Photograph by Eric Hastie
Students in BIOL 544, a Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience, captured this image of a cultured Drosophila cell storing fat as lipid droplets (green) and stained for the nucleus (blue) and whole cytoplasm (red).  Photograph provided by Steven Rogers
UNC undergraduates Ellen Weaver, Mary Alex Beverly, and Amelia Milano show off a Luna Moth caterpillar (Actias luna) found at Prairie Ridge Ecostation in Raleigh, NC.  Their research aims to identify how the abundance and seasonal timing of arthropods is impacted by climate change and urbanization, and in turn impacts bird populations.  Photograph by Allen Hurlbert
UNC students (counter-clockwise from the top) Lewis Naisbett-Jones (grad), Tara Hinton (undergrad), Dana Lim (grad), and Kayla Goforth (grad) construct a magnetic coil system in Florida to study how young sea turtles use the earth’s magnetic field to navigate. Photograph by Ken Lohmann.
Queen Crump, a first year student from Morganton, NC, affixes annotation labels to plant specimens used for research into the diversity and biogeography of sedges in North America.
Aimee Deconinck collecting environmental data from tidepools in Santa Cruz, California to investigate the spatial and temporal variability in hypoxia and pH experienced by organisms living in the intertidal zone.  Photograph by Rogelio Monge.

Stories from alumni

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