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Scott, Tom K.

Professor (Emeritus)

135 Wilson Hall
(919) 962-3701 (office)

My research interests have centered around questions of growth and development of seedling higher plants – both grown in the light and in the dark. Regulation of growth and development patterns by chemical and electrical components are studied through their analysis. Chemicals of interest are ions and hormones which are present in early stages of development and most particularly auxin and its movement behavior. Further, cell wall enzymes which may play a role in wall loosening have been revealed and are under current study. Finally, gravity and its effects on organisms will be examined, with the intent of understanding how roots and shoots respond to it and to what extent they adapt to it.

Recent work with one new graduate student and a post-doctoral fellow involves (1) experiments designed to show physical and mathematical differences between lateral and longitudinal growth in primary cells through modeling and EM observations; (2) the phenomenology of root hydrotropism; and (3) the role of calcium in the growth of primary roots.