The Department of Biology is a vibrant intellectual community renowned for the breadth of its interests and expertise, which span the full spectrum of contemporary life sciences, ranging from genomics and molecular biology to ecosystems and the biology of climate change.

The department is delighted to engage with a community of individuals who are committed to what we have accomplished, and what we are hoping to accomplish. Our external advisory board serves the Department of Biology through their counsel, advocacy, and philanthropy. We gratefully acknowledge the vital role of this advisory group.

Dr. Stephen G. Brantley, ’80

Biomedical Research, M2Gen, Inc.

Linda Anderson Bruton

Retired, USDA-ARS

Dr. Paul Gabrielson, ’80

Adjunct Professor, UNC Department of Biology; Research Associate, UNC Herbarium

Dr. David Maxwell Lyerly, ’75, ’78 MA, ’81 PhD

Co-founder/President, TechLab

Dr. C. Brent Mizelle, ’96, ’00 MD

Partner, Dermatologist, Eastern Dermatology

Allison Northcutt, ’80, ’87 MA

Retired, GlaxoSmithKline

Dr. Tiky Swain, ’02, ’06 DDS

Owner, Dentist, Dasling Dentistry

Dr. Paul E. Viser, ’80, ’84 MD

Internal Medicine Doctor