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Requirements for Use

Department Vehicles:

  • must only be used for University business in furtherance of the research, teaching, and/or service missions
  • cannot be used for personal business of any kind


The driver must:

  • be a state employee and/or graduate student (undergrads can be passengers but cannot operate the vehicle at any time)
  • have an approved background check (DMV/License only) and a photo/scan of a current driver’s license on file with the department prior to use
    • background checks will be considered valid for 2 years from the date of completion and will need to be renewed for future vehicle use
    • click here to see currently approved drivers
  • abide by all applicable laws for operating a vehicle in the state(s) in which they are driving


The driver also agrees to abide by theses additional rules established by the NC Motor Fleet Management Division:

  • You will not take the vehicle to your home unless it is essential for the intended University business
  • You will not pick up hitchikers
  • You will not smoke or allow passengers to smoke in the vehicle
  • You will not permit animals, with the exception of service/assistant animals, in the vehicle



The department collects a recharge fee based on the UNC Fleet Services Vehicle Lease Rates for use of the vehicles to offset costs of campus parking, maintenance, insurance, and deductibles on any insurance claims.  Any difference between these costs and the amount collected will be covered with departmental funds.

Users will be charged a Daily Rate that includes a 30 mile/day allowance and a Per Mile rate for anything driven over 30 miles/day.

  VEHICLE Daily Rate Per Mile Rate  
Ford F150-XL $16.55 $0.53
Chevy Suburban $8.50* $0.60
*reduced from the UNC rate of $19.00/day for a Suburban given the age and condition of the vehicle.


Toll charges and gas refills must be paid out-of-pocket.  These may be reimbursed upon return from the lab/PI’s grants, startup, or other sources as available.

Parking Citations and Towing Fees are the responsibility of the driver and cannot be reimbursed.



  1. Notify the main office (Logan Brackett, of intent to use a vehicle
    1. Complete a background check
    2. Submit a copy of driver’s license
  2. Contact Biology Facilities (Jason Worrell, to reserve the vehicle
  3. Obtain keys on the day of reservation and log mileage
  4. Upon return, collect any personal items and log mileage
  5. When returning the vehicle to Biology Facilities:
    1. confirm checkout and return mileage figures
    2. notify of any damage to or incidents with the vehicle during usage
  6. Accounting will process the bill within 30 days of return and provide documentation to the lab/PI