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T&E Card Process

1 - Training & Agreement

1.  First, you'll need to click here to:
  • complete an exciting computer-based training (Part I),
  • pass the subsequent quiz with at least 85% (Part II), and
  • sign the Accountholder Agreement Form (Part III). Note - the Department Number for Biology is 318200

Sign the form and attach it below - please don't send it in directly.

Max. file size: 98 MB.

2 - Application

Next, read and sign this T&E Card Application Form.

Attach the signed form below. 

Max. file size: 98 MB.

3 - Submit

Add your name and email (so that you can receive a confirmation) and submit! These will route to Logan who will complete the department portion and send them on to the Travel Team. The Travel Team will reach out to you directly about picking up your card once it is available (~3-5 business days).