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Use a T&E Card for:

Use Either Card for:

Use a P-Card for:

  • Business Meals and Entertainment Expenses, including alcohol
  • Travel Expenses for the Account Holder
    • Lodging, Parking, Rental Vehicles + Gas, Uber/Lyft/Taxi, Train, other ground transportation
  • Business Meals and Entertainment Expenses that do not include alcohol
  • Conference Registrations and Professional Membership Dues for the Account Holder
  • Passport and/or Visa fees
  • Conference Registrations for students or lab members
  • Printing
  • Office and Lab Supplies
  • Postage/Shipping
  • Services from a vendor

DON’T Use a T&E Card for:


Contact Customer Service or
remind the cashier/server
that these purchase are exempt
from North Carolina Sales Tax

DON’T Use a P-Card for:

  • Travel Expenses for students, lab members, or anyone who isn’t the account holder
  • Standard meals while traveling (these are reimbursed through per diem)
  • Supplies or Services, even if purchased while traveling
  • Meals that include alcohol
  • Travel Expenses (other than conference registrations)
  • Supplies or Services from an individual