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Vascular Tissue in Pine (Alan Jones Lab)

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UNC Honors Program Courses in Biology

The Honors courses listed below are not offered every semester.  Check the current course listings in Connect Carolina.  No Honors classes are offered in Summer School.

BIOL 101H – offered Fall or Spring – subject to change.

BIOL 201H – offered Spring only

BIOL 294H – not offered on a regular basis

BIOL 395H – offered Fall & Spring  – Must take 395H class in addition to research

BIOL 426H – offered Fall only

BIOL 514H – offered Fall only

BIOL 526H – offered Fall only (even years)

BIOL 565H – offered Spring only

BIOL 692H – offered Fall & Spring  – Must take class and present research orally at Biology Research Symposium