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Intertidal Zone, Southern California (Chris Willett Lab)

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Honors – BIOL and UNC

There are many honors opportunities for undergraduates at Carolina.

Please see the side menu for information on Biology related honors opportunities.

You will find several options available within the university at the honors level:

Graduating with Distinction/Highest Distinction (

On transcript under Degrees Awarded, shown as  “Degree Honors:  Distinction”

Graduating with Honors/Highest Honors (BIOL 692H)

On transcript under Degrees Awarded, shown as “Plan:  Biology (BS) Highest Honors 1st Major”

Honors/Highest Honors students will receive gold honor cords to wear with their graduation gown.

Phi Beta Kappa (

Dean’s List (

Honors Carolina (

Honors Study Abroad (

Other on campus research and scholarship opportunities: Office of Burch Programs (, Office for Undergraduate Research (, Office of Distinguished Scholarships (