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Coral Reef (Bruno Lab)

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Course Syllabi

All Biology course syllabi must be submitted by the first day of classes and will be posted to this website as soon as possible.  For syllabi from previous semesters (dating back to 2010), please email

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Course # Course Title Semester Instructor Course Links
BIOL 101Principles of BiologySummer 2 2018CooperSyllabus
  Fall 2018EvansSyllabus
  Spring 2018EvansSyllabus
  Fall 2018GarlandSyllabus
  Spring 2018HoganSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018J DeSaixSyllabus
BIOL 101LIntro to Biology LabFall 2018StegengaSyllabus
  Spring 2018StegengaSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018StegengaSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018StegengaSyllabus
BIOL 102LIntro to Biology Lab - research basedFall 2018StegengaSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018StegengaSyllabus
BIOL 190Special Topics: The Creativity of ScienceSpring 2019Shank
BIOL 201Ecology & EvolutionSpring 2018Burch and EvansSyllabus
  Fall 2018Evans and BurchSyllabus
  Spring 2018Evans and VisionSyllabus
  Fall 2018Evans and WillettSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018VandermastSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018VandermastSyllabus
BIOL 202Molecular Biology and GeneticsFall 2018GarlandSyllabus
  Spring 2019Garland and Slep
  Fall 2018Shemer and HoganSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018SteinwandSyllabus
  Spring 2018Steinwand - 10:10 AMSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018TrainSyllabus
  Spring 2018Steinwand - 9:05 AMSyllabus
BIOL 202HMolecular Biology and Genetics - HonorsSpring 2018Bloom and KieberSyllabus
BIOL 205Cell & Developmental BiologySummer 2 2018GarlandSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018Garland and SpracklenSyllabus
  Spring 2018Rogers and NimchukSyllabus
  Fall 2018Steinwand and ConlonSyllabus
  Fall 2018Steinwand and GarlandSyllabus
  Spring 2018Steinwand and ShiauSyllabus
BIOL 205HCell and Developmental Biology-HonorsSpring 2018Goldstein and Amy Shaub MaddoxSyllabus
BIOL 217The Physician's GardenFall 2018Alan JonesSyllabus
BIOL 221Seafood ForensicsFall 2018BrunoSyllabus
  Fall 2018SteinwandSyllabus
BIOL 221LSeafood Forensics labFall 2018BrunoSyllabus
  Fall 2018SteinwandSyllabus
BIOL 224HMathematics of LifeSpring 2019Servedio and Vision
BIOL 226Math Methods for Quantitative BiologySpring 2019Taylor
BIOL 226LMath Methods for Q-Bio labSpring 2019Taylor
BIOL 252Anatomy & PhysiologySpring 2019Garland
  Summer 1 2018P DeSaixSyllabus
  Spring 2019Shemer
  Fall 2018Shemer - MWFSyllabus
  Fall 2018Shemer - Tues/ThursSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018WitcherSyllabus
BIOL 252LAnatomy and Physiology LabsFall 2018JohnsonSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018JohnsonSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018P DeSaixSyllabus
  Spring 2019TBA
BIOL 253Advanced Anatomy & PhysiologySpring 2018JohnsonSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018UnoSyllabus
BIOL 253LAdvanced A&P LabSpring 2018JohnsonSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018JohnsonSyllabus
BIOL 271Plant BiologySpring 2018GenselSyllabus
BIOL 271LPlant Biology LabSpring 2018GenselSyllabus
BIOL 272Local FloraFall 2018WeakleySyllabus
  Summer 1 2018WeakleySyllabus
BIOL 278LAnimal Behavior LabSummer 2 2018BauerSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018BauerSyllabus
BIOL 278Animal BehaviorFall 2018BrothersSyllabus
  Spring 2018C LohmannSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018WikbergSyllabus
BIOL 278LAnimal Behavior LabFall 2018C LohmannSyllabus
  Spring 2018C LohmannSyllabus
  Summer 1 2018WikbergSyllabus
  Summer 2 2018BauerSyllabus
BIOL 293Undergraduate Internship in BiologyFall 2018CobleSyllabus
  Spring 2019Coble
BIOL 390Special Topics in BiologySpring 2019J DeSaixSyllabus
BIOL 395HUndergraduate Research in Biology - HonorsFall 2018Shemer
  Spring 2018ShemerSyllabus
BIOL 409LPrintmaking and Biology LabFall 2018GoldsteinSyllabus
BIOL 410Principles & Methods of Teaching BiologyFall 2018CobleSyllabus
  Spring 2018CobleSyllabus
BIOL 421LMicrobiology Laboratory with ResearchFall 2018MatthysseSyllabus
BIOL 422MicrobiologyFall 2018MatthysseSyllabus
BIOL 422LMicrobiology LabFall 2018MatthysseSyllabus
BIOL 423Lab Experiments in GeneticsSpring 2019GrantSyllabus
BIOL 423LExperiments in Genetics LabSpring 2019GrantSyllabus
BIOL 424Microbial EcologyFall 2018ShankSyllabus
BIOL 425Human GeneticsFall 2018Sekelsky and CopenhaverSyllabus
BIOL 427Human Population GeneticsFall 2018C JonesSyllabus
BIOL 434Molecular BiologySpring 2018SearlesSyllabus
BIOL 436Plant Genetics, Development, and BiotechnologySpring 2019Reed
BIOL 441Vertebrate EmbryologySpring 2018HarrisSyllabus
BIOL 441LVertebrate Embryology LabSpring 2018HarrisSyllabus
BIOL 443Developmental BiologyFall 2018McKaySyllabus
BIOL 445Cancer BiologySpring 2019Peifer and Duronio
  Spring 2018ShemerSyllabus
BIOL 446Unsolved Problems in Cellular BiologyFall 2018HarrisSyllabus
BIOL 449Introduction to ImmunologySummer 1 2018CramerSyllabus
BIOL 450Introduction to NeuroscienceSummer 2 2018IngrahamSyllabus
  Fall 2018K Lohmann and HigeSyllabus
BIOL 451Comparative PhysiologySpring 2018Hedrick and KierSyllabus
BIOL 451LComparative Physiology LabSpring 2018Hedrick and KierSyllabus
BIOL 454Evolutionary GeneticsFall 2018MatuteSyllabus
BIOL 455Behavioral NeuroscienceSpring 2019BurmeisterSyllabus
BIOL 461Fundamentals of EcologyFall 2018Tucker and WhiteSyllabus
BIOL 462Marine EcologySpring 2019Bruno
BIOL 469Behavioral EcologySummer Maymester 2018K Pfennig and D PfennigSyllabus
BIOL 471Evolutionary MechanismsSpring 2018Kingsolver and D PfennigSyllabus
BIOL 471LEvolutionary Mechanisms LabSpring 2018Kingsolver and D Pfennig
BIOL 474Evolution of Vertebrate LifeFall 2018SockmanSyllabus
  Summer Maymester 2018SockmanSyllabus
BIOL 474LEvolution of Vertebrate Life LabFall 2018JohnsonSyllabus
BIOL 480HBurch Honors Seminar in LondonSummer 2019MatthysseSyllabus
BIOL 514HHonors Evolution and Development - HonorsFall 2018D PfennigSyllabus
BIOL 525Computational Analyses and Resources in GenomicsSpring 2019FureySyllabus
BIOL 525LComputational Analyses and Resources in Genomics labSpring 2019FureySyllabus
BIOL 526HComputational GeneticsFall 2018VisionSyllabus
BIOL 53First Year Seminar: Topics in BiotechnologySpring 2018DowenSyllabus
BIOL 532Molecular Biology DiscoveriesFall 2018SearlesSyllabus
BIOL 537Biotechnology and Synthetic BiologyFall 2018ReedSyllabus
BIOL 553Mathematical BiologyFall 2018Hedrick and ServedioSyllabus
BIOL 553LMathematical Biology LabFall 2018Hedrick and ServedioSyllabus
BIOL 562Statistics for Environmental ScientistsFall 2018UmbanhowarSyllabus
BIOL 563Statistics for EcologySpring 2018UmbanhowarSyllabus
BIOL 565Conservation BiologySpring 2018WhiteSyllabus
BIOL 565HConservation Biology - HonorsSpring 2018WhiteSyllabus
BIOL 568Disease Ecology and EvolutionFall 2018MitchellSyllabus
BIOL 590Advanced Special Topics in BiologyFall 2018GladfelterSyllabus
  Fall 2018Shiau
BIOL 602Professional Development Skills for Ecologists and BiologistsFall 2018K PfennigSyllabus
BIOL 620Bacterial Genetics with Emphasis on Pathogenic and Symbiotic InteractionsSpring 2018MatthysseSyllabus
BIOL 621Principles of Genetic Analysis IFall 2018Copenhaver and Sekelsky and AhmedSyllabus
BIOL 625Seminar in GeneticsSpring 2018Copenhaver and Sekelsky and C JonesSyllabus
BIOL 639Seminar in Plant Molecular and Cell BiologySpring 2019A Jones
  Fall 2018KieberSyllabus
  Spring 2019Nimchuk
  Spring 2019Nimchuk
BIOL 643Molecular Mechanisms of the CytoskeletonFall 2018Slep and RogersSyllabus
BIOL 649Seminar in Cell BiologySpring 2018BloomSyllabus
BIOL 659Seminar in Evolutionary BiologyFall 2018KingsolverSyllabus
  Spring 2019Martin
BIOL 669Seminar in EcologySpring 2019HurlbertSyllabus
  Spring 2019K Pfennig
  Spring 2019Mitchell
  Spring 2019SockmanSyllabus
  Spring 2019Tucker
BIOL 680Advanced Seminar in Recent Biological Research and MethodsSpring 2018MateraSyllabus
  Spring 2019Shiau
BIOL 690Advanced Special Topics with an Emphasis on Recent ResearchFall 2018BurmeisterSyllabus
BIOL 692HSenior Honors Thesis in BiologyFall 2018Amy Shaub MaddoxSyllabus
  Spring 2018Amy Shaub MaddoxSyllabus
BIOL 704Seminar in BiophysicsSpring 2018SlepSyllabus
BIOL 810College Science TeachingFall 2018CobleSyllabus
BIOL 858Comparative PhysiologySpring 2019K Lohmann
  Fall 2018KierSyllabus
BIOL 891Seminar in BiologyFall 2018WillettSyllabus
  Spring 2019Willett