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Agrobacterium Interacting with Carrot Cells showing Bacterial Cellulose Fibrils (Ann Matthysse Lab)

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Contacts for Bio Undergrads

Dr Jason Reed

Interim Biology Director of Undergraduate Studies

(Contact for issues regarding major course requirement substitutions in Tar Heel Tracker and course audit approval)


 Dr Gidi Shemer

Biology Departmental Advisor & Biology Undergraduate Research Director

(Contact for advice on Biology courses and undergraduate research)


 Dr Amy Shaub Maddox

Biology Honors Director

(Contact for BIOL 692H – Senior Honors Thesis in Biology)


 Dr Mara Evans

Biology Careers Coordinator

(Contact for advice on what to do with your Biology degree)


 Dr Elaine Yeh

Biology Study Abroad Coordinator

(Contact for information on Study Abroad opportunities, Study Abroad Biology Transfer Credit and the joint degree program with the National University of Singapore)


 Dr Gustavo Maroni

Biology Transfer Credit Coordinator

(Contact to get a Biology transfer course evaluated for currently enrolled students)


 Dr Jennifer Coble

UNC BEST Program Coordinator & Biology Internships Coordinator

(Contact for doing a Biology internship for credit (BIOL 293) and if you are interested in becoming a licensed high school Biology teacher)


 Miss Summer Montgomery

Biology Undergraduate Student Services Assistant

(Contact Summer via email with questions regarding the Biology Graduation Ceremony, Biology classes and registration, or if you would like a tour of the Biology department.  Tours are subject to the availability of our faculty and staff.  Sorry – no tours are given during the first month of Fall and Spring classes and due to the large volume of end of semester activities and undergraduate events, no tours are given from mid-November until mid January and mid-March until mid-May).