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Bay Scallop Population Sampling at Oscar Shoal, North Carolina (Charles Peterson Lab)

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Research Strengths


Evolution is heritable change in the characteristics of populations over time. Two major goals of evolutionary biology are to explain the incredible fit of organisms to their environment and the origins of diversity. To this end, we investigate the genetic and ecological mechanisms that shape adaptation with a strong focus on processes that contribute to the origins of species.

Faculty MemberContact InfoResearch Description
Christina Burch
3163 Genome Sciences Building
Experimental Evolution of Viruses
Bob Goldstein
James L. Peacock III Distinguished Professor
616 Fordham Hall
(919) 843-8575
Cell Polarity, Morphogenesis, and Evolution of Development
Sarah R. Grant
Research Associate Professor
4258 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4470
The suite of pathogenicity factors in Pseudomonas syringae
Tyson L. Hedrick
2254 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-0757
Biomechanics and Animal Locomotion
Corbin Jones
3159 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4443
Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
William M. Kier
313B Wilson Hall (Lab)
(919) 962-5017 (Lab Office)
Biomechanics of marine invertebrates and musculoskeletal systems
Joel G. Kingsolver
Kenan Distinguished Professor
108 Coker Hall
(919) 843-6291
Evolutionary and physiological ecology
Christopher Martin
Assistant Professor
2256 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4841
Evolution, Ecology, and Genomics
Daniel Matute
Assistant Professor
3161 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4442
Evolutionary Biology
David W. Pfennig
320 Wilson Hall
(919) 962-6958
dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu
Evolution, Ecology, and Developmental Biology
Karin Pfennig
319 Wilson Hall
(919) 843-5590
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Maria R. Servedio
2258 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 843-2692
Evolutionary Theory
Todd J. Vision
Associate Professor
3155 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4479
Computational genetics, genome evolution and the architecture of complex traits
Alan S. Weakley
Adjunct Associate Professor; Director, UNC Herbarium
419 Coker Hall
(919) 619-1101
Plant Systematics, Floristics, Biogeography, Conservation Planning, Bioinformatics, Vegetation Classification and Mapping
Christopher S. Willett
Research Associate Professor
2252 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 843-8663
Molecular population and evolutionary genetics