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Sampling an Old-growth Cypress Stand for the Carolina Vegetation Survey (Robert Peet Lab)

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Research Strengths

Animal Behavior

Researchers in our department investigate the evolution and mechanisms of animal behavior. We use theoretical, observational, and experimental approaches in a variety of species, from crawling behavior in sea slugs to social communication in primates.

Faculty MemberContact InfoResearch Description
Sabrina Burmeister
Associate Professor
2250 Genome Sciences Building
sburmeister [at]
Neurobiology & behavior
Toshihide Hige
Assistant Professor
3157 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4736
Neurophysiology and Behavior in Drosophila
Corbin Jones
3159 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4443
Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics
Catherine Lohmann
Teaching Assistant Professor
402 Coker Hall
(919) 962-3216
Behavior, Neuroscience, Sensory Biology, and Conservation of Marine Animals
Kenneth J. Lohmann
Charles P. Postelle, Jr. Distinguished Professor
403 Coker Hall
(919) 843-4508
Behavior, Neuroscience, Sensory Biology, and Conservation of Marine Animals
David W. Pfennig
320 Wilson Hall
(919) 962-6958
dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu
Evolution, Ecology, and Developmental Biology
Karin Pfennig
319 Wilson Hall
(919) 843-5590
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Maria R. Servedio
2258 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 843-2692
Evolutionary Theory
Celia E. Shiau
Assistant Professor
4352 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-7010
Crosstalk between immune and nervous systems; macrophages and microglia; immune activation and inflammation; vertebrate development
Keith W. Sockman
Associate Professor
2260 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 843-1989
Reproductive Ecology, Ethology, and Physiology
R. Haven Wiley
Professor (Emeritus)
323 Wilson Hall
(919) 962-1340
Animal Behavior, Communication, and Social Organization