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Jill Dowen

Assistant Professor, Biochemistry and Biophysics Department, Biology Department

Contact Information

Office: 3360 Genome Sciences Building
Email: jilldowen[at]
Office Phone: (919) 962-8132

Dowen Lab Website


Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics
Integrative Program for Biological and Genome Sciences (iBGS)
Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (LCCC)

The lab studies how genes function within the three-dimensional context of the nucleus to control development and prevent disease. We combine genomic approaches (ChIP-Seq, ChIA-PET) and genome editing tools (CRISPR) to study the epigenetic mechanisms by which transcriptional regulatory elements control gene expression in embryonic stem cells.  Our current research efforts are divided into 3 areas: 1) Mapping the folding pattern of the genome 2) Dynamics of three-dimensional genome organization as cells differentiate and 3) Functional analysis of altered chromosome structure in cancer and other diseases.