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Interfering with Response to the Hormone Auxin Causes Extra Cell Divisions, Loss of Root Cap Identity, and Disorganized Growth (Jason Reed Lab)

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Email accounts. After obtaining a UNC One Card ( in the Student Stores Building, you can set up a UNC email address ( The One Card can also be used as your key to the Couch Biology Library.

Computing Services. The Biology Department maintains various departmental IT services and resources. The BioHelp group (led by Hínár Polczer) assists faculty, staff and students with information technology related questions or requests. Help requests for computing problems should be submitted via (under “Type of help needed”, select “Biology IT Support”).

Sending express shipments. To send an express package (e.g., FedEx, UPS), contact Felicia Crawford (email:; telephone 962-2077). You must provide an account number to pay for the shipment (get this number from your major professor).

Ordering supplies and reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses. To order supplies, or to obtain forms for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses, contact your major professor (for research-related expenses) or course instructor (for TA-related expenses).

Reserving departmental vehicles. To reserve a departmental vehicle, contact Jason Worrell (email:; telephone 843-7336). You must fill out a form and get your adviser to sign it.

Departmental stockroom. The departmental stockroom, located in the basement of Wilson Hall, carries office and lab supplies, glassware, and chemicals/reagents. Contact Amy Butcher (email:; telephone 962-1379). You must provide a charge account number to obtain supplies (get this number from your major professor).

Departmental artist services. The departmental artist services are located on the third floor of Coker Hall. Contact Susan Whitfield (email:; telephone 962-2419). You must provide a charge account number to use this service (get this number from your major professor).

Photocopies. Photocopy machines are located on the second floor of Coker Hall. You must provide a charge account number to use the photocopy machines (get this number from your major professor).