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Agrobacterium Interacting with Carrot Cells showing Bacterial Cellulose Fibrils (Ann Matthysse Lab)

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Biology Graduate Student Association

The Biology Graduate Student Association (BGSA), organized by the Departmental graduate students, sponsors one or two seminar speakers each year, puts on an annual departmental symposium and departmental picnic, and organizes various social activities.

The BGSA would appreciate any input you have on happenings within the department! If you have any ideas for the departmental symposium, social activities, outreach activities, etc. please feel free to contact any of the officers below.

Visit our new official website!


Congratulations to the newly-elected BGSA officers for 2016-2017!


President: Anaïs Monroy-Eklund

Vice President: Kayleigh O’Keeffe

Treasurer: Pat Kelly

CEE Liaison: Catie Alves

Webmaster: Pranav Khandelwal

Student Representatives: Sara Snell, Sofi de la Serna, Jee Yun Lee

GPSF Representative: Nick Levis

Committee Organizer: Laura Mudge