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Plant Cell Differentiating into a Tracheary Element (Alan Jones Lab)

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Here you will find most of the relevant forms that you will need during your time as a Biology graduate student.

Annual Committee Meetings: Please take the following form to each annual committee meeting: Annual committee report. It is required that 3 out of 5 of your committee members sign this form. Once the form is signed, please return to the Graduate Student Services Manager (GSSM) in Coker 202.

Pre-thesis Defense Committee Meeting: The Pre-thesis Defense Meeting form will need to be signed by your committee members once your pre-defense meeting has concluded. Return signed form to the GSSM in Coker 202. **Remember that your pre-thesis defense meeting must take place at least 2 months prior to your dissertation defense date.

**All forms mentioned below can be found on the Graduate School’s website (Forms for Doctoral Students) . However, the GSSM will have these forms on file for each student, so there is no need to download and fill out these forms yourself.

Committee Formation: Once you have formed your dissertation committee, please email the list of your committee members, along with who will serve as your committee chair, to the GSSM. The GSSM will then check each member’s faculty status, and complete the Report of Doctoral Committee Composition. The DGS will then sign off on the form to approve your committee.

Oral and Written Exams: When you are ready to hold your written exam, you will need to come to Coker 202 to pick up the Doctoral Exam Report Form (this will already have been filled out by the GSSM). Once you have passed your written exam, your committee chair will need sign, date, and initial where indicated under Part I. When you hold your oral/feasibility exam, come to Coker 202 to pick up your Doctoral Exam Report Form AND the Report of Doctoral Committee Composition/Report of Approved Dissertation Project. Your committee chair will sign, date and initial where indicated under Part II on the Doctoral Exam Report Form. Your committee members will need to sign next to their names under Part II: Report of Approved Dissertation Project. Once both forms are signed, please return to the GSSM in Coker 202.

Doctoral Dissertation Defense: Before your defense, please come by Coker 202 to pick up your Doctoral Exam Report. After you have passed, have all members of your committee sign Part III: Report of Final Oral Examination (make sure your committee chair signs, dates, and initials where indicated) and then return to the GSSM. Once your dissertation is ready for final committee approval, pick up your Doctoral Exam Report from the GSSM. Have all your committee members sign Part IV: Report of the Final Dissertation and your committee chair should sign, date, and initial where indicated, then return to the GSSM. **(Part IV can be signed at the same time Part III is signed; HOWEVER, your committee chair can only initial (i.e. sign off) once all revisions and edits are complete and your dissertation has been approved to be submitted to the Graduate School).

If you have any questions or need clarification on any information above, please contact the GSSM.