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Leaves from Dominant Trees at the Changbai National Park, China (Peter White Lab)

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Evolution, Ecology, & Organismal Biology


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Faculty MemberContact InfoResearch Description
John Bruno
340 Wilson Hall
Marine and Climate Change Ecology
Patricia G. Gensel
414 Coker Hall
(919) 962-6937
Allen Hurlbert
Associate Professor
331 Wilson Hall
(919) 843-9930
Biodiversity, biogeography, and macroecology
Christopher Martin
Assistant Professor
2256 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 962-4841
Evolution, Ecology, and Genomics
Charles E. Mitchell
411 Coker Hall
(919) 843-7745
Disease Ecology, Plant-Microbe Interactions, Community Ecology
Robert K. Peet
Research Professor
413 Coker Hall
(919) 962-6942
Plant Ecology, Plant Geography, EcoInformatics
David W. Pfennig
320 Wilson Hall
(919) 962-6958
dpfennig [at] unc [dot] edu
Evolution, Ecology, and Developmental Biology
Karin Pfennig
319 Wilson Hall
(919) 843-5590
Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution
Elizabeth Shank
Associate Professor
4157 Genome Sciences Building
Chemically mediated interactions between microbes
Keith W. Sockman
Associate Professor
2260 Genome Sciences Building
(919) 843-1989
Reproductive Ecology, Ethology, and Physiology
Caroline Tucker
Assistant Professor
334B Wilson Hall
(919) 843-6378
Community Ecology, Quantitative Ecology, Biodiversity
James Umbanhowar
Teaching Assistant Professor/Consultant
4252 Genome Sciences Building
Population and Community Ecology; Mathematical Biology
Alan S. Weakley
Adjunct Associate Professor; Director, UNC Herbarium
419 Coker Hall
(919) 619-1101
Plant Systematics, Floristics, Biogeography, Conservation Planning, Bioinformatics, Vegetation Classification and Mapping
Peter S. White
406 Coker Hall
(919) 962-6939 (Biology)
Plant Community Ecology, Conservation Biology, Biodiversity